Yisini’s Godly Experiment

Yisini's Last Experiment

Yisini smiled as the door blasted off its hinges, smashing through the room and destroying one of her less interesting and important experiments. She coiled around herself, turning defensively to face her intruder. With a wave of her hand, multiple blood-soaked guards exploded out of the ground, taking the...Read More »

Tea and Mind Chains

Epani looked on from a distance, inspecting the cold, twisted plains that surrounded Arkadin’s home. The Death God, much like Epani herself, was often a solitary being, but the fact that Yisini, the Goddess of Life, had been wandering around Arkadin’s property had made Epani both curious and suspicious. Unfortunately...Read More »

Ultimatum of Mist

Chaos had erupted across the Vrekan capital. What looked like nothing more than a miniscule meteor landing in the city centre had turned into an epidemic, with exactly half the population suddenly being overcome with a feral rage, attacking all others on sight. High winds had spread the terrifying plague...Read More »

Request of the Panelix

Levik had been oblivious to the world around him for the past ten minutes. Everyone else had been running like headless slaughter animals, trying to pick up the pieces and work out what had happened. They all had families to deal with, relatives to call, things to sort out. Levik...Read More »

Nasty Pulsating Cell

Elkay watched as the little biomechanical robots clinked into the room through a small grate, sucked up the puddles of vomit off the floor then inserted the fluids into test tubes, before disappearing again. The forced injection of emetic drugs and Elkay’s subsequent vomiting hadn’t been pleasant in the slightest,...Read More »

Vahlan Help

“A word please, Talok.”

Talok looked up from his duties. He was in charge of almost all the security systems inside the nest and was rarely ever disturbed. In fact, he never even got visitors. Sure, he had automated everything years ago so that he didn’t need to actually do much,...Read More »

Big Scary Monster

“When you said you’d show me the universe, I didn’t think the first place we’d visit is a forested world that’s half-made of flesh…”

Levik glanced at his co-pilot then rolled his eyes. They were looking for somewhere to land close to the edge of the flesh/forest boundary but so far...Read More »

Concrete Box

Elkay collapsed in a heap on the first piece of solid ground he had seen in hours. He took his time just laying there, desperately trying to get his breath back. He should have been assessing the situation, scanning for enemy combatants and working out an exit strategy, but...Read More »

A Smelly Plan

“So let me get this straight, the Allbirther’s base is 200km deep inside that fleshy mess?”

Levik rubbed his eyes, realising he had vastly underestimated pretty much everything to do with this divine mission.


“And we will have to walk along large stretches of it?”


Talok also...Read More »

Battling Dragons

Roars echoed across the dark skies as two dragons tore through the clouds. With each strike of lightning, the colossal beasts growled and clawed at each other, trying to knock their enemy out of the air and down into the ground below. They had been fighting for hours, neither...Read More »

Stopped Trains

“Did you feel that?” Talok asked as the small train came to a halt. The three beings had managed to sneak in and get themselves on some sort of convoy of shipments. So far, they had remained undetected, hiding inside crates, boxes and carts on the convoy, avoiding the...Read More »

Bubbling Vats

For a moment, Elkay felt safe. He may have been travelling deeper into the facility, back the way he had come, but this time he wasn’t alone. The security had been neutered and he was being flanked by a Vahrga and a Banikan of all things. He was alive,...Read More »

Many Explosions

“Considering we are all going to die in three minutes, you’re all insanely fucking calm!” Talok screeched as the dreadful truth began to sink in. They were trapped inside a moon-sized fortress made of flesh, millions of kilometres away from their friends and family, sitting on a ticking bomb that...Read More »

Deathly Fury

Arkadin snarled as he finished tearing apart the remains of Yisini’s experimentation labs. He was bathed in blood and smoke, from having destroyed not just the fortress of flesh but the corruption that was festering inside of it. But there was still plenty of work for Arkadin to do. He...Read More »

Painful Rage

Arkadin roared almost gleefully as he tore through the planet’s surface, levelling mountains and setting forests ablaze. Each time one of the other deities would try and stop him, he would grab them and bury them under rubble, trapping them briefly. The Thantophor didn’t care any more, he had unleashed...Read More »

Hurting Friends

Shimmering, golden blood splattered across the hills as Kenon bore the brunt of his son’s vicious attack. The Voidborn may have spent millennia preparing for such a ferocious attack, but now he was confronted with the real thing, Kenon was genuinely beginning to feel twinges of panic and fear. Arkadin...Read More »

To A Standstill

“I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU!” Arkadin roared as his friends inched closer, all of them armed with gunstaffs. “PLEASE, JUST LEAVE!”

His friends all steadily approached, all of them looking uneasy. Between them, there was everything from grizzled veterans to younglings. While Retvik and Tenuk had been dealing with the...Read More »

Allmaker's Punishments

Yisini squirmed and wriggled as she was dragged along the ground alongside her two other siblings. Ahead of them, Kinisis strolled through long grass, flicking her hands around playfully as butterflies and moths danced around her.

“What are we doing here?” Kenon asked as the deities came to a halt. “Why...Read More »

Godly Request

“This place looks nice…” Levik muttered to himself as he and his two siblings wandered around. Their ship had been somehow teleported into a large field in the middle of nowhere, and they were the only three beings awake to see what was going on. Everyone else inside the now...Read More »

Death Guards

Elkay rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He could not understand what he was hearing.

“So you are saying that I have to help babysit a death god for the rest of my natural life?”

Levik shrugged. “No. I think she said 20 years.”

“20 years is a long time. Especially for the younger...Read More »

Delirious Cell

Arkay kicked the blanket off his bed then immediately regretted it. His bedroom wasn’t cold, but it certainly wasn’t warm enough for his aching body. Every part of Arkay’s body hurt in a different way, and he couldn’t remember why. As he sat up though, Arkay remembered he had painkillers...Read More »

Successful Experiment

Epani had just finished fixing up the planet when Yisini arrived. The small body had been struck by various volcanic events and had finally settled down enough for Epani to add proper water to the planet. Now that the water had also settled down, Yisini was here to add proteins...Read More »