Rude Interrupted Chat

Retvik yawned as he stretched his arms out, then wrapped one around Litvir. Pieces of armour were strewn around the small room, alongside bedsheets and various pillows, all of which should have been on the bed but had been knocked off in the heat of the moment.

“That was fun…” Litvir muttered. Both of them were tired, but their hearts were still racing. At first, this confused Litvir a little. After all, they were deities, they didn’t need internal organs, yet they still had them. Then again, they still had plenty of other passions as well, as the last ten minutes had very much proven.

“It was…” Retvik yawned some more, pulling Litvir closer. For some reason though, this action confused Litvir more than the internal organ issue. It was almost as if Retvik did genuinely have feelings for Litvir. Or maybe his head was still swamped with reproductive hormones, so he wasn’t thinking straight. Either way, right now, Litvir was finding this quite weird, despite them having slept together before. “However, I think that may have been the last of my rubbers. So we may be… stuck for a while.”

“Unfortunate…” Litvir trailed off, lost in thought. How did he and Retvik end up in his room anyway? Litvir couldn’t quite remember. There must have been a reason.

“Another issue is that we still have not thought of anything to do for Arkay’s birthday. Which, by my estimates, is in… approximately three hours.”

Oh. That was the reason. Litvir frowned, not really caring. Yes, he had been the one who had the idea originally, but, well, Arkay was a former death god. He had pretty much everything he wanted, and could obtain anything he wanted. Except for his sanity and self-confidence.

“We could just make him a pile of cheese toasties…” Litvir suggested, after a little thought. “Or cake. He likes cake. Is there such a thing as a cheese cake?”

“Somewhat…” Retvik smiled, glancing down at Litvir. There was still a little hint of lust in his eyes. Litvir tutted, signalling he was done, which caused Retvik to calm down a bit. With a sigh, Retvik sat up, then started explaining that yes, cheese cake was a real thing. “Mostly made with cream cheese, cream and a bit of sugar. On a biscuit base, I recall.”

“Sounds… fattening…” Litvir shrugged, also sitting up. “Maybe we should make one of those for him. Might be nice. Never said we had to do something big for hi-”

Litvir froze, his eyes fixated on the door. Standing there was Arkay, who clearly hadn’t quite processed the mess in the bedroom.

“Oh, sorry, the door was open. Didn’t know you two were fucking.”

Retvik immediately turned to Litvir. “You did not close the door?”

“I thought you did?”

Arkay however just shrugged. “I’m not fussed. Had that sort of thing on my mind anyway. Like, a little too much. But I’m content to sort myself out. Anyway, what are you two doing? Aside from the fucking?”

Retvik gave Litvir another odd glance, then turned back to Arkay. “We were… discussing tomorrow.”

“What is happening tomorrow?”

“Your birthday.”

“Oh… Oh yeah… Galyn said I could have the next 96 hours off and just chill.”

“Nice!” Litvir beamed. “We were… planning on doing something nice for you.”

“Ooh, like what?” Arkay seemed quite cheerful.

“Like…” Litvir hesitated. “Uh… you like cakes, right?”

“I do!”

“Well alright!” Litvir also cheered up. He threw his legs off the bed and started picking up his armour. “Let us clean ourselves up, and we can work out what cakes to make!”

Arkay smiled, then backed out of the room, closing the door behind him. “No worries. I’ll give you guys some space…”