Personal Time

Arkay groaned a little as he laid down in his bed. The day was supposed to have been a quiet one, but everyone had insisted on doing stuff. Not too much, just enough for the day to have been kinda full. He’d stayed up late playing games, then woken up late in the morning, only for the food avalanche to begin. Arkay had made cookies for himself. But Retvik had cooked burgers and Litvir had made a cake. Galyn had contributed with too many boxes of fried, starchy vegetables.

They had all ended up overeating. After all, there was so much good food available. Retvik’s burgers had been cooked to perfection. The chips were perfectly seasons. It was all so nice.

As to what Litvir made? Well, Arkay wasn’t sure. It was kinda a cake? Definitely cake shaped. Well, technically more of a bunt cake than a normal, round or square cake. Litvir said it was called a lava cake, but clearly Litvir had never seen real lava before, as the cake was solid. At first glance. When cut into, it had a texture similar to a cheese cake, except without the cheese. It was almost as if Litvir had made a chocolate ganache and turned that into a cake.

Frankly, it was utterly amazing. Arkay wanted to eat more, but his stomach was saying no. That hadn’t stopped him from sneakily grabbing a bowl and taking it with him to his room. However, that cake was now sitting there on Arkay’s desk, mostly untouched. Arkay’s eyes were certainly bigger than his belly, and he just couldn’t bring himself to eat any more.

That being said, Arkay was still hungry, but for something else. As he rolled over on his bed, his thoughts began to drift elsewhere. Places that Arkay’s mind didn’t normally drift to, but had been visiting a lot lately. And for good reason. Over the last few days, his fellow Decay Lords Retvik and Litvir had been working and wandering around their ship in… unusual attire. Or rather, a lack of attire.

At first, Arkay had found it a little odd, especially since he knew Retvik could control his internal temperatures. Maybe Retvik was just doing it because Litvir had been complaining he’d been hot lately. But the more they wandered around without their armour on, the more… distracted Arkay had become. To the point that their attractive, muscular bodies were on Arkay’s mind a little too much.

Arkay didn’t want to admit it, but he found the two Decay Lords very… appealing. That was where his mind was wandering to right now. He certainly wasn’t confident enough to say it out loud, let alone dare repeat those words to either Litvir or Retvik.

They were too big for him anyway. That being said, there was nothing stopping Arkay from daydreaming.

With a little sigh, Arkay got out of bed and headed for the door to his bedroom. As his hand reached for the handle though, he paused, then pushed the door shut. Arkay then tapped on the button above the handle, locking the door as well. He then proceeded to remove his own armour, flinging it all to one side.

“I deserve a little me-time once in a while…” Arkay smiled as he climbed into bed and got himself comfortable. “Especially today of all days…”