Speech of Empress Elisia

“My beloved Followers of the Holy Cycle, today I bring glorious news. For so long, we have been neglecting to bring other species under our wing, we have forgotten to share the Holy Cycle with the rest of the universe. Soon, we will once more be spreading the Holy Cycle across the galaxy.

“The Temthans are the blessed race. We bring peace and love to all we come to, even beings who wish to stand against us. No matter what we do, we carry the Blessing of the Holy Cycle wherever we go. But we have fallen, neglecting our power and our duty. For three hundred years, since long before my birth, we have not converted a singe race. For seventy years, we have not had a stable Xentoran or Xentress. Our lack of care and our lack of duty have made us fall on hard times, as our Holy Lady has deemed us less worthy than before.

“Now we will win back our worthiness. Earlier this year, we managed to bring round a new Xentoran, Laktar, a being utterly loyal and always willing to hand out his blessing. But this brand new Xentoran was not enough. We have finally, after so long, found a Xentress to live with our Xentoran. Both Xentoran Laktaras and Xentress Arkai have pledged complete and utter loyalty to the Order of the Holy Cycle and the Temthans. They are as much members of the Holy Cycle as we are, truly dedicated to our cause in every way possible.

“We will not regain our blessing though just like that. There is more work for us all to do. While Xentress and Xentoran may be loyal, their respective species are not. To be truly blessed, to be truly worthy, we must bring them under our wing, as we have done for so many other races.

“But I do not want any bloodshed. I wish to convince these races to join us. Neither the Threavok nor the Laktaras will not be persuaded easily, but we can offer so much to them. As your Empress, I will first speak to the Threavok, a small, dual-blessed race, that already follows the Holy Cycle in their own, primitive way. They live their own lives, separate, quiet, primitive, lonesome. They will surely want to join the might that is the Temthan empire.

“And if the Threavok deny us, then we shall deliver their leaders to Our Blessed Lady ourselves. Our armies, while they may not have seen active duty in many a year, are the most powerful in the galaxy. What threat does such a small race pose to us? None. My beloved Temthans though, do not fret, it shall not come to war. The Threavok will fold beneath us, as will the Laktaras in the future.

“When all this is over, when we return home triumphant, I promise you all, we will have all the dual-blessings we could ever want. Everyone will be able to get a taste of both sides, via our newly folded races. And with our duty once more fulfilled, Our Holy Lady will enlighten us and bless us once again. All our troubles will fade away and we will be given a brief respite from the uncaring universe.

“My beautiful, beloved Followers, may you all drink, eat and screw until you can do so no more! Soon, our slump will be over, and the Temthan Empire will be blessed once again!”