Tale: Switching Teams

The home of the Dessaron team Retha Squad One was normally full of beings on Saturday evenings, but that night, Gath was sleeping over at Retvik’s place, Vel had been invited to a party elsewhere and Kohgra was out foraging for things. Kayess-En, or Kass for short, had the whole house to himself. One could easily tell, since everything was tidy except for the mountain of food on the living space table and electric games were pouring off the entertainment screen, while sounds blared from the speakers. Wasn’t often that Kass was home alone, so he always made the most of it.

When Arkay knocked on the door, Kass didn’t hear him the first few times, so he let himself in. He had a spare key, as he often had to pop by whenever Retvik stayed the night here, to pick him up in the morning. Kass hadn’t heard Arkay until he was right on top of him.


“Oh hiya Arkay!” Kass was in a great mood. He turned down whatever he was listening to. Most Retha cared little for music, unless it was all percussion, but this had singing and all sorts. “Did not hear you come in! I normally do though…”

“Had your sounds on too loud?”

“Yes and I was not expecting anyone.” Kass turned the music off, it was always distracting when he spoke to others.

“What was that music?”

“Thrope music.”

“Thrope music, thrope electronic games, you naughty kid! And you complain about MY like of Thrope stuff” Arkay teased. “How are you feeling?”

“Good, thank you, got the place to myself tonight. How about you? You must be here for a reason, but Retvik is not here, and I heard Vel was going to the same party as Elksia?”

Arkay laughed unexpectedly. “I did not know Vel went to parties! Actually, I wished to speak to you.”

“Really?” Kass blinked. “You never wish to speak to me.”

“I do occasionally.”

“Oh. What do you need, Arkay?” Kass asked.

“Um, you remember that proposal you made? When you asked if I would like to temporarily join Retha Squad One while Gath worked on other projects? You know, the Dessaron Army thing?”

Kass blinked again. “Hm, yes, but what does this have to do with anything? I believe you were going to be running a scouting part of the Dessaron Army.”

Arkay sighed, sitting down next to Kass. “Yes, that was the original plan. I was to team up with my five brothers and create a scouting division. They all signed up yesterday. But we went camping together over the winter break, Retvik said it would be both a good bonding opportunity and a chance to convince them to join.”

“Seems like it went well, your brothers all joined up!”

“Not exactly…” Arkay started fiddling with his wristband. He seemed a bit down. “You see, they are, to put it politely, better than me. They do not need my help, and my interest in hunting unruly Deitics is waning.”

“What does this all have to do with my prior proposal?” Kass interrupted.

“I came here to accept your proposal.”

“Really?” That answer astonished Kass. When they had last spoken about it, Arkay had bluntly refused. “Why the change of heart?”

“I fancied a change. I am good at fighting in the arena. Better than actual Dessaron duties, don’t you think?”

Kass shrugged. “I cannot really answer that, but if you wish to join, I would very much love to have you on the team. Temporarily. Until Gath is done with the Dessaron Army business, of course.”

“Of course!” Arkay repeated.

“Are you fine with following my orders? Are you willing to open up your mind to our telepathic comms? Will you be willing to train regularly and keep yourself in shape?”

“Yes, yes and yes.”

“Will you do as I say, when I say it?”


Kass grinned. “Good to have you on the team, Arkay!”