Godly Interruption

The grand chamber was filled with gold and silver. Rivers of red wine ran down the sides, while rich and powerful Temthans lounged around on cushions, sipping from crystal chalices, scoffing their faces with platters of meat or sleeping off their exhaustion from an evening of drinking, eating and sex. In the middle of this luxurious hall was a raised platform where Empress Agapia, the ruler of the Temthans, lay in a bed of velvet pillows, gently caressing one of the many lovers she had bedded that night.

Everything was peaceful. But as the huge, heavy doors blasted open, Agapia knew all that was about to change.

“WHOEVER YOU ARE, GET OUT!” a powerful, bulky Temthan roared, only wearing armour over his shoulders and across his groin. Where he had come from, many of the guests weren’t sure, but he was wearing the uniform of the Empress’s elite legion of Raptoran – one part religious priests, one part vicious warriors. “BEFORE WE USE FORCE!”

The being standing in the doorway simply smiled. She was utterly beautiful, her body perfectly framed by long, twisting tentacles of hair, the bright lights bouncing off her beautiful hips and breasts. Many of the Temthans couldn’t believe what they were seeing, standing up so they could get a better look at her.

With a flick of her hair, this mysterious being walked forward, towards the Empress’s platform. As she did so, a trail of flowers and grass bloomed into life behind her, and butterflies fluttered around her arms.

“Who are you?” Agapia asked as the being approached. “You are… perfect…”

“Of course I’m perfect!” the being grinned. “I’m your mother. I’m the mother of all of you. Your blessed Allbirther!”

Immediately, the Raptoran fell to their knees, their eyes lowered.

“Blessed Allbirther…”

Agapia glanced at her subjects, then nodded her head, telling them all to kneel. She too lowered herself down, bowing in front of the Allbirther. “Blessed Allbirther, Blessed Yisini, what have we done for you to bless us with your presence? Are you here to punish us or bless us?”

Yisini smiled, running a perfect, clawed finger down Agapia’s face. “I am here to give you new purpose, my beloved. You Temthans are among my favourite creations, having created a wonderful existence for yourselves. A life of beauty and pleasure and happiness. Now, it is time to share your ways with others…”

Again, Agapia glanced at her subjects. But this time she sighed. “Blessed Allbirther, the last time we attempted to expand, it did not… go as planned. We lost territories. We lost our connection with Temthan-likes. We are just recovering from our losses against the Kronospasts.”

The Allbirther did not seem swayed. “That’s understandable. I can see why you’re hesitating. But last time, you acted on your own, and you were battling against gods. This time will be different. This time, you will be able to spread your ways with ease, creating a new, beautiful Temthan empire where everyone has the opportunity to spend their lives eating, drinking and sleeping with one another!”

“How?” Agapia asked. “How will this time be different?”

“Because, my dear…” Yisini grinned. “I’ll be by your side the entire time…”