A Silver Invitation

“What’s this?” Teekay asked as a silver envelope dropped in front of him. He put his fork down and opened it up, curious.

“An invitation!” Eksi grinned. Ever since they had become free Rethans, Eksi was basically a whole new being. Full of life and energy. Finally pursuing the things he wanted to do. Currently he was training to be an armour and weapons smith, and his aim was to move into decorative armour and his own shop later next year. But since the blacksmith he was training at was closed until the new year, Eksi had a bit of time on his hands.

“An invitation to what?” Teekay glanced at his wristband. He wasn’t running late but he didn’t have time to really dawdle. His duties as a captain of the 471st Legion were more important than silly silver envelopes. The High General needed protecting. That and Teekay also really needed the money. For… personal things.

Eksi stared at Teekay, his smile fading slightly. He knew the look Teekay was pulling. He knew Teekay was worried about work.

“You take it all so seriously. You’re going to die from a stress overload.”

“I’m fine…” Teekay sighed. “I have a lot on my mind right now.”

“Like what?” Eksi briefly forgot about the invitation. “Have things not been going well?”

“It’s… Long and complicated and something I need to spend time alone, put into words and then tell you, if that makes sense.”

Eksi shrugged. He mostly understood. His attention quickly switched back to the envelope. “You not going to open it?”

With a sigh, Teekay took a bite out of his bacon breakfast, then picked up the envelope and tore it open. Gently though. He liked how shiny it was.

The paper inside wasn’t as shiny. It was rough and bumpy. Almost like parchment. Or home made paper. The writing had been done in that fancy good-writing style, full of swishes and curls. Teekay scanned the text, then looked up.


“Arksi and Nenth really want to have us over one day. Get to meet you. Get to meet us. I haven’t seen my brother since we were freed and Nenth’s really nice! It’ll be you and me, Arksi and Nenth, Thitaksi and his friend Esythry, Seth and his buddy and a couple of other Θ-Class guys! Hopefully Psiksi and Kass are coming too! Plus it’s within your time off over Macromera!” Eksi’s enthusiasm was at an all time high.

It’s a ‘snuggle’ party.” Teekay was less amused. The whole idea of going to Arksi and Nenth’s place in his bedtime stomach wrap and sleeves seemed a little uncomfortable to him. “It’s… I don’t know…”

It’ll be fun!” Eksi was doing his best to convince Teekay. “It’s basically a movie night at someone else’s house with more snacks and drinks! Plus Nenth’s house is huge. I know you like this place but it’s really small sometimes. We could do with a change of scenery, doing something different!”

Teekay sighed. Eksi was completely right and he knew it. Plus, he did like movie nights.

“Alright, fine. We can go. But I’m bringing my fluffy dressing gown.”

Eksi beamed as he wrapped his arms around Teekay. “THANK YOU! We’re going to have SO MUCH FUN!”

“I hope so!” Teekay smiled.

“Oh, we will! I guarantee it!”