A Day of Drunks

“HAPPY MACROMERA!” Tenuk slurred as the door opened and he tumbled into the old Dessaron HQ. “I have preseeeents!”

Retvik smiled, leading Tenuk in and gently closing the door behind him. “It is good to see you, Tenuk.”

Tenuk wobbled around, admiring the holiday candles and decorations. The smell of things cooking was making him hungry. Luckily, Elksia was present to shove a mini meat pie into his mouth.


Elksia and Tenuk hugged. With a grin, he lifted Elksia into the air, quickly spinned her around then dropped her back down.

Vel, Kass and Psiksi were sitting in the main room, sipping drinks, while Gath was in the kitchen preparing some sort of large meat dish.

“Which day do you all normally do presents and food and stuff?” Tenuk’s words were as wobbly as his movements. “Also I got this!” With a giggle, Tenuk shoved a sparkling bottle of red liquid into Retvik’s arms. “We HAVE to try it!”

“Is it alcoholic?” Gath asked.

“Yes, very!” Tenuk was still giggling. “But don’t worry!” The Kronoreth created a mini black portal and pulled another bottle out of it. This bottle was golden, with a black webbing decoration wrapped around it. “I got something for Psiksi too!”

Psiksi blinked as Tenuk almost threw the bottle at him. “What is it?”

“Some sort of honey drink. You’ll like it! Try it!”

Kass handed Psiksi his glass. Psiksi struggled to open the bottle, then poured a little bit for everyone.

“Cheers!” Psiksi smiled as everyone took a sip. The sweetness was a bit over the top, but Psiksi liked it. No one else seemed to share his opinion. “Thank you, Tenuk.”

“Thank you toooooo!” Tenuk slurred, then hiccuped. “Sorry about already being utterly drunk…”

“It is fine,” Retvik shrugged as he reached for Tenuk’s presents. He had been rather late, so everyone else had already given out their gifts.

“Why are you drunk?” Gath asked.

Tenuk shrugged at first, then went quiet as he eyed his gift. He poked it, then violently ripped off the paper to reveal a small box. Inside the box was a silver chain with light blue gems hanging off it.

“Oh. That is beautiful…” Immediately, Tenuk removed the chain from the box and wrapped it around his wrist. “Thank you, guys…”

The others also had gifts as well. Elksia and Vel gave Tenuk a long, silver and blue stomach wrap. Kass and Psiksi’s gift was a weird spell book.

“I… think I misunderstood how you do magic stuff…” Kass admitted as Tenuk flicked through the pages.

“Ah no!” Tenuk grinned. “This is awesome! I always wanted to try Thrakian magic! Maybe when I’m not so drunk though…”

“Why are you so drunk?” Gath asked again.

Tenuk blinked, then smiled some more. “Long story.”

“We have all day,” Gath shrugged as he wandered back to the kitchen to cut some veg.

“True!” Tenuk continued to smile as he fumbled for a chair and sat down. “Basically Lord Stasis is a bit messed up and being drunk seems to completely stop Deitics like me from going, well, crazy. Plus, it’s Macromera! Sometimes one needs a good excuse to get drunk, right?”

“Oh totally!” Retvik nodded in agreement. “Speaking of which, shall we open that bottle of whatever that is?”

Tenuk grinned once more. “Oh totally. You will all love it…”