Species name: Veth

Full name: Unknown – Veth is believed to be a former anagram for Vorai Enantion Theon, which, when translated from Old Vohra, means Victors against Gods.

Average dimensions: Varied. They appear to have both no weight and weigh several tonnes, and can change their size at will.

Description: Veth are form-changing beings that generally appear as heavily armoured quadrupeds, sporting armour that covers most of their bodies. They have two or three long clawed fingers and three clawed toes. Their tails are nearly as long as their bodies, and tipped with sharp blades. Their heads are armoured similarly to Retha and Vreka, but they also have long, curved horns, one on each side of their skull. Along their bodies, they have small, glowing lights, bio-luminescence, which they use to disorientate others and signal to other Veth and to Avatars of Death. Their eyes also glow in a similar way.

Colouration: Veth have two main colours – a main skin and armour colour and a secondary bio-luminescence colour, which they can turn on and off at will.

Abilities: While little is known about the true abilities of the Veth, it is believed that Veth are capable of changing their appearance, communicating telepathically, camouflaging in shadows and showing huge feats of strength. Many Veth also have the ability to spit streams of acid which are known to eat through almost anything. Veth are excellent hunters and can track a being to the end of the universe if they have to.

Temperament: Due to their duties, Vetha are incredibly aggressive and quick to anger. They defend their huge territories with pride and attack the second they believe there is a threat present, often attacking first and asking questions later, if there’s anything left to ask. Their temperament is less aggressive with mortal beings, whom they do not deem a threat, but many will instantly attack Deitics, especially if they are in Kinigi

Diet: Veth do not appear to require food or water of any type. They have been seen eating the corpses of Deitics they have killed, but this is not for nutritious reasons, rather to make sure that their victim is truly dead. The acid in a Veth’s internal organs is enough to stop a Deitic from respawning if no trace of their body remains.

Life Cycle: Unlike other beings, Veth are not born as Veth. When a true Theokton being dies, they are reborn in Kinigi as a Veth, who will then proceed to guard Kinigi from intruders for the rest of eternity. While Kinigi is out of commission, A’Vatas can create Veth from any Theokton being, not just true Theoktons. Veth created in the mortal plane are weaker than true Theokton Veth, as they are connected to the A’Vata that created them, but they are still incredibly powerful. Veth have been spotted mating with both other Veth and A’Vatas, but this seems to be purely social, or perhaps remnants from their mortal lives.

Culture: Little is known about the culture of Veth, although there are traces of a Vethic language, and all Veth follow similar traditions of carving delicate symbols into their armour, as well as using powerful bow-like weapons. Each Veth will create their own bow, and new Veth on Kinigi often go through an initiation process before they gain their own territory. They are instinctually tied to the A’Vatas, but generally tend to want little to do with them, preferring to just get on with their duties.