Tale – What Retvik and Gath have been up to lately

“Ah, heavens above…” Retvik let out a huge sigh of relief as he rolled off Gath and laid on his back, breathing heavily. Exhaustion swiftly took over, causing Retvik to close his eyes and pant.

Gath leaned on his side, looking lovingly at his partner. “You spoil me.”

“Nuh-uh,” Retvik grunted, still panting. “You spoil me more…”

Gath grinned, then rolled onto his back, putting an arm around Retvik. “I am so glad we arranged all this time off. I needed this. You needed this as well.”

“We need each other,” Retvik was grinning as well. “We needed to do this the second I got back from that stupid challenge, or maybe once you moved in with me. After the… Fire…” His smile quickly faded as his mind drifted back to that horrible day. There were still scars both on their bodies and in their thoughts. Gath noticed that Retvik had trailed off and quickly changed the subject.

“Well we are here now. All things considered, we are still going strong.” Once again, Gath leaned onto his side to get a better look at Retvik. Compared to Gath, Retvik was as beautiful as he was strong. Dark grey skin and red armour plating, with pale, golden lines along the edges. A fine specimen of not just the Rethianos family, but of Rethavok in general. Sometimes, Gath couldn’t believe how lucky he was that somevok as beautiful as Retvik loved him.

“You are beautiful…” Gath was smiling again. “How did I end up in love with the most amazing Rethan ever? How did we end up like this?”

Retvik giggled. “You are drunk with my love.”

“I very much am,” Gath grinned harder, running a finger down Retvik’s chest. “Our love, it is something else. I spend so long wondering what I did to deserve you.”

“You sell yourself short,” Retvik smiled, as a yawn escaped his lips. “You forget how kind and caring and thoughtful you are. Always putting others before yourself.”

“Maybe so, but few see my soft interior hidden inside my ugly outter shell…” Gath sighed.

“I can see your soft interior. And your soft tail.” Retvik’s smile turned into a smirk. “It is always a pleasure to see your second tail.”

Gath glanced down towards his crotch, which was still soft. “You, my dear Retvik, are clearly still hungry.”

“Well,” Retvik admitted amidst several yawns. “I am almost always hungry. Right now though, I am actually hungry…” After a moment’s struggle, Retvik sat up and reached towards his bedside table for some tissues. Gath also sat up and snatched the box away from him.

“Please, allow me.” Gath took out a tissue with on hand and pushed Retvik down. He then licked the tissue and started rubbing Retvik’s thighs, cleaning him up. Rather than fight back, Retvik continued to smile, occaisonally shuddering as Gath’s fingers ran along more sensitive areas.

“This is… Surprisingly pleasant…” Retvik finally muttered.

“I read that this helps with fertility…” Gath explained, as he threw the tissue to one side and started gently rubbing Retvik’s stomach.

“Where did you read it?”

“One of those glossy multi-race magazines. Read it while I was waiting at the clinic.”

“Ah…” Retvik’s voice faded as he started to feel sleepy. Gath’s massaging movements were almost hypnotic to him. “You… Think it actually helps?”

“Eh,” Gath shrugged, as he slowed down. “Probably not, but every little thing helps, right?”

“Right… Maybe this time, we’ll get what we want…”

Gath stopped, and laid next to Retvik. The pair of them fell silent, lost in their own separate thoughts. Finally, Gath sat up.

“So, what now?”

Retvik sat up too. But as he did so, his stomach rumbled. Gath snickered a little.

“How about, this,” Retvik suggested. “We go have some breakfast, we let our food go down, then we come back up here and I give you a massage?”

Gath’s smile turned into a humongous grin. “That sounds splendid, my dear.”