Sisterly Snuggles

Yisini smiled to herself as she closed the door behind her. Her evening had been particularly fruitful and she had managed to do exactly what she wanted. Not only had she been able to experience a delightful young mortal with distinctive genes, but she had successfully persuaded said mortal to go and spread those genes to other young mortals. With the correct seeds in place, Yisini would hopefully see an increase in this species’ resistances to illnesses within the next couple of generations.

Now though, Yisini just wanted to relax a little. With a flick of her hand, Yisini removed her local disguise, transforming into her wonderful serpentine self, complete with large bust and cobra hood. She wasn’t wearing any clothes but Yisini didn’t care. She’d had a good day.

Of course, that was about to potentially change. A large shadow loomed overhead. The shadow of the Panelix, hiding among the clouds. The mortals had not seen her, they never did, but Yisini could see the large, elegant, space-faring fins of Epani and that long, attracting lure that dangled from her head.

Wanting to make the first move, Yisini squiggled up into the sky, floating on gusts of air. She snaked herself through the clouds, circling the gigantic sky beast.

“Is something wrong, sister?” Yisini delicately asked.

“In a way…” Epani muttered. As soon as she spotted Yisini, she began to shrink down, until she was in similar size to Yisini. “I… I wanted someone to sit down and… snuggle with. And no one else is available.”


“Yes. Comforting hugs. Nothing more.”

“You want to talk? In a soft, comfortable place with the comfort of your sister?”

Epani nodded. “I have a… sheet fort castle I built. A small land of pillows and cushions. We can go there.”

“Sure!” Yisini beamed. She wondered if something was genuinely wrong or if Epani just wanted comfort. The Panelix would often dismiss contact with others for the longest of times, only to suddenly crave it and demand attention from others. “You want to take me there?”

Again, Epani nodded. She flicked her tail, creating a dull portal, then flapped her way though it. Yisini swiftly followed, only to be surprised by what she saw. Epani had made more than a simple sheet fort, she had made a sheet castle from the finest silk and wool blankets she could muster.

The Panelix settled down in the middle of the room, waiting for Yisini to join her.

“Is something bothering you, Epani?” the Allbirther asked as she laid down next to the large creature. “You don’t seem right.”

“I am lonely…” Epani admitted straight away. “It gets lonely sometimes, doing my duties. I just wish to talk and to sit with someone who understands, but no one does.”

Yisini smiled, snuggling up to Epani. “Well, I’m here for you, you know?”

“I know…” Epani sighed. “But I cannot help but think… maybe we were made to be close to each other? So we would have someone to lean on?”

“You mean so we don’t collapse mentally under our own divine powers?” Yisini asked. “I mean, I totally get that. We’re nigh powerful within this universe and it can get to us.”

“That is how I feel right now…”

Yisini stayed quiet for a moment, listening to Epani breathing. She seemed incredibly tense. Yisini pressed her hand against Epani’s side, massaging her gently.

“You’re stressed.”

“Yes, I am. There have been so many gravitational anomalies lately and I just want a bit of a break…”

With a smile, Yisini climbed onto Epani’s back, massaging her more thoroughly. “Well, how about we chill out here for a bit, then I join you for a little bit while you work? Maybe I could help out a little as well?”

“You would do that for me?” Epani blinked.

“That and more. You want to talk? Come to me. You want to rant? I’m here. You need a breast massage or three? I’ll do it for you.”


Yisini laughed. “I’d do it for any of my siblings!”

Epani’s frown turned into a smile as she snuggled up to Yisini. “Thank you…”