Dreaded Final Farewell

Apart from the tiny piece of floating debris they were standing on, there was nothing but empty blackness. Retvik took a deep breath and to his surprise he discovered he was still breathing oxygen and nitrogen. A second breath confirmed his suspicions, that there was an artificial pocket of air around the little rock he … Read more

The Failed Election and the Coup of the Sixteen

On the 21st of January PDW, the Queen of the Thanatians, Mavri Thyra Tromou, declared that she was making plans for the Thanatians to have their first official set of elections, in order to get herself and her king/partner Thymos Tromou elected into power legally. She announced that these elections would be part of a … Read more

Temthan Invasion on Rethan Soil

On August 8th 2016 PDW, Queen Xytas of the furthest Vohran nests received information from a race called the Tavrans, informing them that a fleet of ships was heading towards planet Threa, the capital of the Rethans. Queen Xytas passed this information on to the Retham Embassy on Vohra 1, who then immediately called on … Read more

The Assassination of the Vice General

On November 1st 2016 PDW, the Vice General Elkay Theanon, and his chief Ksa Veekay Theanon, were thrown from their office on the 25th floor of the Main Council Building, following an attack that left 20 injured. The perpetrator, who apparently had access to the Vice General’s floor, charged in via the elevator, firing weaponry … Read more

The Soul Rupture

The Soul Rupture of Kinigi was an event that started on the 13th of February 2016 PDW and ended on the 27th of April 2016 PDW. The realm of Kinigi, a place that recycles the souls of all beings and controls the circle of Life and Death, was blocked off by Deitic beings in an … Read more

The Feralheart Plague

The Feralheart Plague is an airborne disease which causes patients to become incredibly aggressive. It is best described as a “return to the old, primative days”. Infected beings mentally revert to a primal state, becoming purely predatory and acting as if they are normal animals. In some races, notably Bayvak, their outward appearance also changes, … Read more

The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion

The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion was a bid for freedom among the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia Nest, in the Vohra territories of Kolasi, starting on the 10th of May 2016 and ending on the 31st of May 2016. The rebellion started when Queen Tayra of the Kolasia Nest forcibly changed one of the nest’s leading … Read more

The Great Deitic War

The Deitic War was a war between the mortal races of the Phoviverse, primarily the Cassids, Retha, Vreka, Banikans and Thanatians, and four Deitic races – the Anexartitai, Kronospasts, Allagon and Toanex. It lasted over two years, starting on January 1st 9,998 TDR and ending on December 2nd 10,000 TDR (1-3 BC in human time … Read more