Battle for Kolasia Nest

Chaos echoed throughout the Kolasia nest. Across its entirety, Kalsa Warrior and Ksa worked together to fend off a seemingly never-ending attack from a swarm of mindless Vohra. It was a battle of attrition, a constant battle of endurance. Whoever fell first would fall forever. But despite being outnumbered twenty to one, the rebels were … Read more Battle for Kolasia Nest

The Great Deitic War

The Deitic War was a war between the mortal races of the Phoviverse, primarily the Cassids, Retha, Vreka, Banikans and Thanatians, and four Deitic races – the Anexartitai, Kronospasts, Allagon and Toanex. It lasted over two years, starting on January 1st 9,998 TDR and ending on December 2nd 10,000 TDR (1-3 BC in human time … Read more The Great Deitic War