Temthan Invasion on Rethan Soil

On August 8th 2016 PDW, Queen Xytas of the furthest Vohran nests received information from a race called the Tavrans, informing them that a fleet of ships was heading towards planet Threa, the capital of the Rethans. Queen Xytas passed this information on to the Retham Embassy on Vohra 1, who then immediately called on the High General to respond.

The information was sent to Vice General Elkay Theanon, who was standing in while the High General recovered from an unspecified illness.

At the same time, the Deitic race known as the Kronospasts had also caught wind of the fleet of ships and identified it as an armada from the Temthan empire. The Temthans are a race of beings closely related to Thanatians, and follow a strange, hedonistic religion. Their plan was to invade planet Thea, in the hopes of capturing Threavok for breeding and slavery purposes.

Vice General Elkay acted quickly, gathering information from both the Vohra, who had encountered Temthans thousands of years prior and were considered enemies, and from the Tavrans, who revealed they were also related to the Temthans but had been allowed to keep some freedom in exchange for serving the Temthan empire.

Elkay Theanon also employed the help of members of the Dessaron, particularly Tenuk Diplastron, who used his ties with the Kronospasts to bring additional aid.

On the 12th of August, the armada of ships settled down, orbiting planet Threa and hovering above its oceans. One ship landed on the planet’s surface, in front of the Main Council Building. From the ship emerged two hundred Temthan elite soldiers, and the Empress of the Temthans, Elisia Redspine.

Wanting to come to a peaceful agreement, similar to that of the Tavrans, Elisia made her demands, offering to give the Threavok limited freedom in exchange for converting to her religion and offering their finest for breeding purposes. When Elkay declined her offer, the Empress became enraged and attempted to attack the Vice General, only to be incapacitated by one of the K-Class Ksa.

Paralyzed from her attack, Elkay took advantage of the situation and promised that he would completely heal the Empress in exchange for them leaving the Rethans alone. Elisia discovered that her intel was completely out of date, as the Threavok were extinct and had been replaced by the Rethans ten thousand years prior. Not wanting to die, she agreed to Elkay’s offer.

Empress Elisia was healed to full health then returned to her ship and left, taking her army with her and keeping her end of the bargain. The Temthans later discovered that they would have been unable to attack, due to the Rethans having ties with both the Vohra and the Kronospasts, the two biggest threats to Temthan existence.

On November 13th 2016 PDW, Empress Elisia was murdered by her closest allies, for nearly dragging the Temthans into a war they did not want.