The Assassination of the Vice General

On November 1st 2016 PDW, the Vice General Elkay Theanon, and his chief Ksa Veekay Theanon, were thrown from their office on the 25th floor of the Main Council Building, following an attack that left 20 injured.

The perpetrator, who apparently had access to the Vice General’s floor, charged in via the elevator, firing weaponry fitted with anti-telepathic ammunition. The perpetrator shot at anyone who got in their way, wounding and taking out all 15 beings present on the floor. They then barged into the Vice General’s office, firing shots at both he and Veekay Theanon, and breaking the window behind them. Veekay Theanon successfully body-blocked most of the gunfire, taking ten shots, but as they were thrown through the window by what was recorded as a ‘telekinetic blast’, Elkay Theanon suffered a bullet wound in his left wing, damaging his ability to fly. Continued gunfire ensured that neither victim would be able to fly to safety.

K-Class Ksa Teekay, Thitaksi and Eksi Theanon attempted to chase after the perpetrator but were unintentionally shot down by the Astynom, on the command of the R-Class Ksa.

One Rethan was injured by falling glass.

Elkay Theanon was declared dead on the way to the closest hospital, and his body was taken to the private morgue (and residence) of High General Photeianos.

With the Vice General gone, High General Photeianos named Emthion Matatheon as Vice General, and for Kaldoran Kaldorou to take his place as a member of the Council until new elections in 2017.

A funeral for Elkay Theanon was held on November 11th, and November 1st was declared a “day of national peace” to honour the Vice General. The casket buried was closed, and according to witnesses, was too light to contain a body. Photeianos later claimed that Elkay’s body was too broken to have a proper burial, so his body was cremated.

On November 12th, the N-Class Ksa claimed that there had been a disturbance at the High General’s residence but provided no further details.

For their failure to protect the Vice General, the K-Class Ksa for temporarily imprisoned in the Kryan Catacombs before being exiled for a minimum of 3 months. They left on November 13th for Portalia and now reside somewhere in Vriskera, south of Palaestra.

The perpetrator was never captured and was later believed to be Deitic in origin.