The Half-Baked Plan

Kairos never liked Stasis’s home. Too much black. Too many tacky golden ornaments. Alright, Kairos spent half his free time in a castle made of clouds, but that was at least cute and comfortable. Nothing around here was comfortable. But he needed to speak to Stasis.

“Helloooooo? Staaaaaasis? Are you heeeeeere?”

Something rumbled. Then something shattered. Clearly Stasis had thrown something in his general direction.

“What do you want, Drake?”

Stasis was grumpy as always. Really, Kairos should have called him Kenos, his real name, but he didn’t want to make the Lord of the Void angrier. With a flap of his wings, Kairos perched on a small piece of solid ground, his form changing into something easier to converse with. Being a snake with wings was always good for travelling, but it was easier to talk to Stasis if he was in a more upright body.

“I have an idea! One to make everyone happy!”

Whether Stasis had heard Kairos or not, he wasn’t sure. But Kairos wanted him to hear this plan.

“If everyone is happy then we can be happy and maybe Kinisis will be happy too!”

“When you say ‘happy’, what do you mean?”

“Well,” Kairos beamed, “maybe she will actually spend some time with us!”

Stasis grunted. A spotlight appeared where the God of Entropy was sitting, illuminating a seat for Kairos to sit down. By Stasis’s side was a small table with a freshly brewed pot of tea and two porcelain cups.

Kairos flapped his way over, being careful not to knock down any of the creepy golden statues and ornaments that stood on black pedestals, laid about almost randomly through the room.

“You think she will…”

“Maybe. Kairos never guarantees anything. That is how time is! But my idea, it maybe will make everyone else happy! And when everyone else is happy, then Kinisis might be happy!”

Kairos expected some sort of response from Stasis. What he got was a cold silence.

“I will tell you the plan then. Maybe if you hear it, you might think it has a shot!”

“Fine. Just waste my precious time…”

“You have an infinite amount…” Kairos paused, deciding it was best not to provoke Stasis. “I will tell you. It is easier that way.”

Rummaging around in his pocket, the Whenvern pulled out a piece of tattered paper. On it was a very crude drawing of some sort of map with a big circle drawn around it.

I am thinking, what if we put a big wall around the main area of Kinigi and trap all the death stuff in? So no one can die!”

Stasis growled. “You think I haven’t tried that, you fucking imbecile?”

Yes but you always do it on your own!” Kairos countered. “We never work together. Always apart! I want to give the mortals all the things they want! Gold and silver and long lives and lots of love! You have lots of the former, yes? I have lots of love! And I control time!”

So?” Stasis clearly was not amused.

Soooo! We work together, I stop time completely in the oceans and redirect the time currents so life flows back in on itself, while you put a halt on entropy and freeze everything inside Kinigi! Because that is where all the actual death stuff is! If nothing can get to Kinigi, nothing can die!”

The Lord of Nothing took the crudely drawn map and stared at it, not really sure what Kairos was saying. Had he… gone insane or something? He was spewing philosophies that were commonplace in the realm of the Void, not what a Dragon God of Time would normally say.

Are you well, Kairos?”

No. I am not well. I am tired of being a third wheel. Always disagreeing with you just because. I like the mortal beings and I feel sad they have to die and that Kinisis kills them all. You are not completely right that everything should be cold and dead and frozen and empty but immortality? That is nice. The poor mortals never get to live all their lives.”

Stasis poured two cups of tea, then leaned forward, the piece of paper still in his hand. “Well, we could pull this off. For a while at least. Kinisis will want to murder us. She will not be convinced.”

But the mortals will be. And the mortals are what matter.”

With a small smile, Stasis handed one of the cups to Kairos.

Well, it is worth a shot…”