Genocidal Thoughts

“You ever feel like the universe is too large?” Kinisis muttered to herself as she filed down her incredibly long claws. “Like there’s too many beings in it?” Arkay didn’t respond at first. He wasn’t sure how to. Not that he wanted to respond. These days, he preferred not talking to anyone. Especially other denizens … Read more

The Laugh of the Thantophor

Four figures had climbed this treacherous mountain, edging their way along dangerous paths and narrow passes. Their robes were torn and tattered by the cruel winds, their arms and legs shaking, their limbs wrapped up and bloody from the rain and snow. Their suffering though was coming to an end. They had finally reached the … Read more

The Half-Baked Plan

Kairos never liked Stasis’s home. Too much black. Too many tacky golden ornaments. Alright, Kairos spent half his free time in a castle made of clouds, but that was at least cute and comfortable. Nothing around here was comfortable. But he needed to speak to Stasis. “Helloooooo? Staaaaaasis? Are you heeeeeere?” Something rumbled. Then something … Read more

An Incredibly Awkward Reveal

“Where the fuck am I?” Everything was dark apart from the gold platform Veekay was standing on. Occasionally, something would blink in and out of existence, like a miniature shooting star, but otherwise it was all just dark. But despite Veekay not being able to see far, he could almost sense that this weird place … Read more

Tale – Not Convinced

The scantily clad Temthans stood in the middle of the room, offering threats and war and goodness else knows what. They’d happened to invade on the one day that the leaders of each Maza race had come together alongside their representatives to discuss the future of the Maza. Well, invade was the wrong word. The … Read more

Tale – Kinisis’s Impossible Task

Kinisis felt miserable. Her Veth were being bitches, she was still sore from regrowing galaxies and everything was just about awful. The only thing she had to look forward to was an upcoming visit to the home of the Ostar. They were always fun. And loyal. And attractive. And up for sexy times. Only problem … Read more

Tale – Wrong Steps

The second Tempo set foot on the planet’s soil, ten heavily armed but rather small Panvok beings held her at gunpoint. Behind them were about fifty larger beings, all armed with what looked like gunstaffs. “Get down on the ground!” The creatures shouted. Tempo hesitated, then did as she was told. One being, in red … Read more

Tale – New Play Things

Stasis smiled as he dropped strips of some kind of unknown flesh to a large pit in the middle of his private quarters. In the pit, quickly chewing up the fleshy morsels were six creatures that Stasis found adorable for some reason. Once Stasis was done, he got down on his knees and put his … Read more

Tale – Abandoned Pets

“Well, well, well? Aren’t YOU an interesting little creature?” Stasis watched as the creature gnawed on an unconscious Deitic. The Deitic had clearly fled into their spirit form and left their physical armour behind, but the creature didn’t know any better. It quickly glanced at Stasis, then went back to chewing. “Well, where did you … Read more

Tale – The Whenvern’s Experiment

The six creatures kicked, clawed and screamed in their cages as Tempo edged past them. She had no idea why the Whenvern wanted her to capture these beings, but here they were, all very angry. Sedating the beings was out of the question, while the tranquillizer darts had been enough to knock them out for … Read more

Tale – Meeting with a King

“What are you doing here?” Vahlok hissed as he reached for his blade. “I could ask the same of you,” Tempo replied, reaching for her pistol. “Poaching again, are you?” “Coming from the queen of the poachers, considering what I’ve heard about you!” Vahlok spat, only to quickly change his tone. A young, somewhat panvok-y … Read more

Tale – In the Burning Office

The base was on fire. Not just a little bit on fire. A lot on fire. As in completely and utterly on fire, with most beings trapped inside it was burning and on fire as well, dying in agony and clawing at the exits trying to escape. Tempo could hear a lot of screaming. And … Read more

Tale – Plotting an Expedition

“Remember when I told you to never come here without asking permission, Lua?” Tenuk grunted as he put a saucepan of milk on the stove. “Remember?” Lua nodded glumly. “Yes, Tahnahos. I remember. But this is important.” Tenuk continued to grunt as he rummaged around for two mugs and a cup of brown powder. Lua … Read more

Tale – Clawed Nightmares

Vahlok woke up in shock. Something buzzing had woken him up from his sleep, which was probably for the best, because he had spent most of the night chasing off bad dreams. Ever since his failed mission the other day, Vahlok had felt a lingering sensation in the back of his mind. Or rather, around … Read more

Tale – Backfire

Those Vayra had been hard to convince, but Vahlok had finally done it. All he needed to do was go and visit them in person, to show them what his Lordship could do for them. The Fenirk Nest was always a rather progressive nest, with more rights to Kalsa Warriors, better treatment of Varga and … Read more