The Failed Election and the Coup of the Sixteen

On the 21st of January PDW, the Queen of the Thanatians, Mavri Thyra Tromou, declared that she was making plans for the Thanatians to have their first official set of elections, in order to get herself and her king/partner Thymos Tromou elected into power legally. She announced that these elections would be part of a series of plans in order to increase standing with other races, whom many Thanatians believed looked down on them.

Not long after, upon realising that there was no real foundation to have an election on, Mavri Thyra decided to tone down her plans. She had several meetings with the Dekaexi and Thymos, trying to come up with a plan, but came out empty.

On the 25th of January PDW, after a conversation with Thymos and older sibling Phovos and the discovery that no one truly knew how big the Thanatian population was, Mavri announced that the plans to have an election were on hold permanently until they could come up with at the very least a legal foundation and a constitution on which the Thanatians could rely. Mavri then spent several days speaking to the leaders of other races, looking for information, as did Phovos and Thymos.

At the same time, the Dekaexi met up at a secret location and discussed Mavri Thyra’s actions, coming to the opinion that something was amiss and that Mavri Thyra and Thymos were perhaps no longer able to correctly rule over the Thanatians.

A few days later, Thymos and Mavri Thyra sent out letters to all the highest ranking members of the Army of the Sixteen, and to the Dekaexi, inviting them to a meeting in the traditional grand halls of their palace.

On February 1st 2016 PDW, the meeting took place. Mavri Thyra announced her intentions, wanting to have an open discussion of a set of rules she had prepared. The meeting was briefly interrupted by a former Thanatian general by the name of Skolex, and his partner Stiassa. Mavri Thyra invited them to join in the discussion, but the two were knocked out by members of the Dekaexi. The Dekaexi then turned on Mavri Thyra and Thymos, casting them out and exiling them, before taking control of the Thanatian leadership in general.

The Dekaexi are now the leaders of the Thanatians, with the Army of the Sixteen backing them up.