Species name: Anexartan – Plural: Anexartitai

Full name: Deitic Orderan Anexartisia

Average dimensions: Varied, no more than 1.5m tall.

Description: Anexartitai are small, metallic beings that resemble the children of Thropes (humans), with triangular, glowing eyes and glowing lines across their bodies, resembling electricity going through wires. They have very short legs but long arms which can sometimes scrape along the ground.

Colouration: Anexartitai are beings who heavily dislike multiple colours. They have one single metallic skin tone, which depends on which family they are born to.

Abilities: Being Deitic creatures, Anexartitai have the ability to manipulate the world around them. As well as their fondness of elemental magics, Anexartitai specialise in destroying and flattening the landscape. They are also known for their strong telepathic and telekinetic prowess. The most powerful Anexartitai can also fiddle with the future. If enough come together, they can also affect the past, but this is incredibly dangerous and can potentially drive them to extinction, even killing Anexartitai not involved with the time manipulation. They are capable of shapeshifting, but rarely do so as they consider it a mockery of their existence and of order.

Temperament: Anexartitai are proud, aggressive and powerful beings with little care about non-Anexartitai. They are strict believers of their laws and their supposed destiny and any actions they take are only to further their own personal interpretation of their destiny.

Diet: Anexartitai do not eat or drink and find the idea of consuming things to continue their own lives insulting.

Life Cycle: Anexartitai come from large, bare and oddly angular trees. After up to as many as twenty Anexartitai have mated together, they will create cuts in their arms and pour blood into sparsely-made holes in fertile soil. The blood is poured in, covered up then watered once and abandoned. After two hundred years, the angular ‘Deita Trees’ that grow from this blood will produce a single large seed, which eventually hatches into a new, fully-formed Anexartan. Anexartitai live forever if their Deita Tree is not destroyed, and will reform from their Deita Tree if their body is destroyed. The only way to kill an Anexartan is to destroy its tree or kill it with an anti-Deitic metal.

Culture: The Anexartitai culture is that of pure order, but most have very different opinions on what actually constitutes as to what pure order is. Because of this, they have formed into seven distinct families, based around the strongest beliefs of the definition of order. These families are named after magic-based elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Light, Nature, Shadow and Water.

Government: Despite their conflicting beliefs, almost all Anexartitai are currently united under the banner of the Family of Light, as they were the largest surviving family after the Great Deitic War.