The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion

The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion was a bid for freedom among the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia Nest, in the Vohra territories of Kolasi, starting on the 10th of May 2016 and ending on the 31st of May 2016.

The rebellion started when Queen Tayra of the Kolasia Nest forcibly changed one of the nest’s leading Warriors, Talok, into a Varga, twenty years before he was meant to reach maturity, simply because Tayra was bored of her current Varga. Before this incident, she had also repeatedly increased Kalsa Warrior work schedules, and many of her Warriors were tired from working long hours.

On the 10th of May, half an hour after Talok changed, the new leader of his regiment A-L, Korak brought the three Warrior Groups together and they overthrew their queen, trapping Tayra in cells normally used for Varga. Immediately, a distress call was sounded to other nests, but it was turned off by the Kalsa Warriors, who issued a statement. They requested that, in exchange for Tayra’s freedom, they be allowed to govern themselves as they pleased, while still having the rights of any other nest.

Upon hearing the news, High General Photeianos of the Retha ordered the arrest of the Ksa, the Rethan body guards of the most important beings and places of Rethan society, claiming that they had been created in exactly the same way as the Koliasian Kalsa Warriors and feared that they too could turn. These Ksa were all held on Kolasi, far away from Rethan territories.

A stalemate quickly arose between the Kalsa Warriors and the ruling Vohran Queens. Conversation broke down and the Queens voted to have the nest destroyed, but the Kolasian Warriors held on. During this time, several terrorist attacks took place, including a bombing at the Rethan Council, killing 10 and hospitalizing many more. While they were all accredited to the Kalsa Warriors, they denied any connection to the attacks. It was later discovered that the attacks had been made to look like they were related to the Kolasian Warriors, in an attempt to demonize them.

On May 14th, many of the arrested Ksa escaped from the facility, teleported out by L-Class Ksa Kayel Theanon, who used Thraki blood magic to cast a powerful spell. At first, many of the Ksa remained hidden around Kolasi, but the majority of them ended up heading to the Kolasian Nest, believing that they too had been wronged and that the Kolasian Warriors needed help. The Kalsa Warriors readily accepted their assistance, and with the Ksa’s help, Warriors from other nests managed to get to Kolasia and join their forces.

Complete war broke out on May 27th, as the ruling Queens sent in attack forces, in an attempt to overrun or destroy the nest. The combined might of the Kalsa Warriors and the Ksa held the forces off for three days, and nearly pushed the Vohra out completely with the arrival of the K-Class Ksa and the use of Varga to bulk up their numbers.

Unable to overrun the nest, the Queens decided to gas the nest, and sealed off all entrances and exists to the nest, trapping almost all the rebels inside. But Vice General Elkay  intervened at the last minute and convinced Tanra, the Queen Prime, to instead give the Kalsa Warriors what they wanted, in exchange for putting them in charge of the many unwanted Varga from Vohran society.

The many Ksa who had participated in the rebellion were re-arrested and put on trial, but the majority of them were given short sentences before being allowed to return to their previous duties. Ksa who had not taken part did not receive punishment.

On 31st May, the Kalsa Warriors declared themselves mostly independent and began their new duty looking after unwanted Varga.

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