Kanuva’s Excitement

“Hello, strange Tawahian and Elwahian! How can I be of service today?”

While his new friend Kinisis seemed clearly annoyed by the appearance of the two armoured beings, Kanuva was relatively unphased. He knew he was in a strange, new domain, so these two creatures, despite their ferocious looks, weren’t that worrying. In fact, the only thing Kanuva was worried about was that he’d perhaps gotten their elemental affinities wrong.

“Uh, hi…” the flame-covered being responded, probably confused by how Kanuva greeted them. “Are you Kanuva?”

“I am!” Kanuva nodded. “I am Kanuva, Elemental Imperator of Light!”

The flame being bowed slightly. The much larger being, which Kanuva had assumed was an air elemental but may have been wrong, simply grunted.

“Hello, Kanuva. I am Retvik Rethianos, and this here is Decay Lord Galyn. We represent the Thantir, the local group of Decay Lords in this sector, and we were wondering if we could speak to you?”

“Is that code for “you are going to take him away against his will”, little Retvik?” Kinisis snapped, thoroughly pissed off and standing up from the table. Up until a few seconds ago, Kinisis had been incredibly pleasant and enjoyable to talk to, but these beings had clearly angered her. “Kanuva is perfectly fine. He’s just a being from another universe that got killed, and is looking for answers!”

Kanuva glanced at Retvik, then at Kinisis. “They can do that?”

“We are not here to do that. We just wanted to, uh, identify Kanuva as a non-threat. With all the Voidborn stuff lately, it is best to be on the safe side…”

The larger being interrupted Retvik, speaking directly to Kinisis. “Life Goddess Kinisis, could we please speak in private for one moment?”

Kinisis frowned, then snapped her fingers, summoning one of her Guardians. “Fine. Relkir, please keep an eye on Retvik and make sure he doesn’t try and steal Kanuva. Galyn, I am going to give you ten minutes to explain your stupid bollocks.”

The Life Goddess got up from the table and stomped off, demanding that Galyn follow, then slammed the door shut. Relkir hesitated for a moment, then sat down next to Retvik.

“Is she always like that, brother?” Retvik eventually asked.

“No, not unless it involves Decay Lords…” Relkir sighed. “She is still angry with what happened to Arkadin.”

“I see. How are you doing?”



“I am doing well. I am mostly happy, at least. Yourself?”

“Mostly the same. Been busy. How is Tahnahos?”

“Tahnahos is doing well. He is currently on his sleep shift though.”

“Thought as much.”

“How is Arkadin?”

“Arkay is… a bit of a mess, but he is doing better at least. We have not spoken much lately.”

Kanuva smiled through his golden mask at the two beings as he listened to them talk. After a while though, he jumped up in surprise, very abruptly realising something. “Ahah! You are both Elemental Imperatorai! Siblings as well! I should have guessed that you were an Elwahian, Guardian Relkir! Do you have four other siblings as well?”

Relkir blinked. “Kanuva, I already explained that we are not elemental beings.”

“Your brother here is clearly a Tawahian though! The purest of fire elementals!”

Retvik turned to Kanuva. “Elemental powers like you are describing were… not really applicable in the universe that El- uh, Relkir and I come from.”

“Ah, I see…” Kanuva shrugged. “May I ask why there is interest in my existence here?”

“I guess…” Retvik replied. “It is mostly because a group of Decay Lords picked up your frequency and realised that… you might be from the same universe.”

Immediately, Kanuva’s eyes lit up. “There are other survivors? I am not alone?”

“Uh… perhaps?” Retvik blinked.

“Can I meet them?”

“I… would have to ask them first.”

“Wonderful!” Kanuva beamed. “We shall wait for Kinisis and your friend Galyn to return, then we shall head off! I am so excited!”

“Sure…” Retvik glanced awkwardly at Relkir. “Of course…”