Kanuva’s Excitement

“Hello, strange Tawahian and Elwahian! How can I be of service today?” While his new friend Kinisis seemed clearly annoyed by the appearance of the two armoured beings, Kanuva was relatively unphased. He knew he was in a strange, new domain, so these two creatures, despite their ferocious looks, weren’t that worrying. In fact, the … Read more Kanuva’s Excitement

Recap with Kinisis

Tahnahos wasn’t expecting a hug from anyone, especially not Kinisis herself. While all of Kinisis’s other Guardians were their normal, quiet selves, Kinisis seemed genuinely happy and excited to see Tahnahos. “I want to know everything!” Kinisis bounced delightfully as she led Tahnahos to the nearest soft seating area. Phovos hovered somewhat nervously by her … Read more Recap with Kinisis

The Uncomfort of Tahnahos’s Room

Tahnahos smirked to himself as he opened the door to his personal living quarters, leading Akah inside. Each of Kinisis’s Twelve Guardians had a personalized bedroom, decorated exactly how they wanted it. The perfect living space with everything each Guardian needed to feel comfortable and at home, sprinkled with subtle hints of their previous, mortal … Read more The Uncomfort of Tahnahos’s Room

Planning an Alibi

“Phovos, you there?” Phovos grunted as her little telepathic communicator sprung to life. The other Guardians were messaging her from the ship outside, while she was on duty watching over their boss. “I am. What is the problem?” “Is Kinisis still with you?” the high pitched mind-voice squeaked. Phovos immediately recognized that Tahvra was communicating … Read more Planning an Alibi

Failed Plans and Chats

“Well that completely backfired…” Tahnahos grunted as the ship door slammed shut. “I genuinely don’t think that could have gone any worse if we’d tried.” Tahnahos’s complaining though was met with a handful of shrugs from his fellow guardians. Most of the Twelve had gone to bed, giving up on trying to cheer Kinisis up, … Read more Failed Plans and Chats