Reunion in the Cells

“Tahnahos, you shouldn’t be snooping around down here!” Phovos protested as the little Kronospast tugged at her arm. “We are supposed to be on duty, protecting Kinisis!” Tahnahos paid no heed to his fellow Guardian’s concerns. Instead, he continued dragging Phovos deeper into the golden palace, down several stairwells, past a myriad of Rethan guards … Read more

Quick Tour

The plan had been to head straight to the fancy villa that Kairos and Kenon had set up. But as soon as Epani had heard that Kinisis arrived, she INSISTED on inviting the Allmaker on a tour of her new universe. A cute little floating sleigh had been summoned, with Epani sitting at the front, … Read more

Ditching Guardians

Kinisis clapped her hands together with glee as she and her loyal guardians stepped out of her ship and onto the crystal landing pad. Standing to one side, waiting to greet them, was Kairos, the Whenvern and Dragon God of Time. “Oooh! You redecorated!” Kinisis beamed, giving Kairos a quick hug. “Completely renovated, actually…” Kairos … Read more

Transmissions Through the Storm

“Group Six here, please respond.” Galyn grunted as he picked up the receiver, listening in to this communication. “Thantir Two here, what is the problem?” The voice on the other end, a weirdly mechanical voice, immediately perked up. “Oh, hello Galyn! How are you doing?” “Kal, I thought you had headed off on your own … Read more