Brief Visit Plan

“The plan is very simple. You three go inside. Inform the occupants that we received a distress signal from them. Record how they react. Check for any obvious break-ins. Understood?” Arkadin raised a hand, clearly having questions. Itaviir frowned, wondering why the Decayling hadn’t understood. “What is it, Deathbringer?” “Uh… why are you sending us … Read more

Transmissions Through the Storm

“Group Six here, please respond.” Galyn grunted as he picked up the receiver, listening in to this communication. “Thantir Two here, what is the problem?” The voice on the other end, a weirdly mechanical voice, immediately perked up. “Oh, hello Galyn! How are you doing?” “Kal, I thought you had headed off on your own … Read more

Screeching Signal

The signal crept through the darkness, scratching its way through various frequencies, before suddenly screeching to life, nearly deafening its not-entirely-intended recipient. Teekay fell back from his chair in shock, only just managing to catch himself by grabbing on to the desk to his side. “What happened? What was that?” Relkir was immediately on hand … Read more