Those Other Survivors

“Do you think the other ones we rescued will survive, ser?”

Eterek was a newly ranked captain. He normally served in the 289th Legion, but due to an urgent crisis, him and many other Rethan soldiers were serving among the ranks of the 270th Legion, helping them evacuate several small planets.

“I mean, the first two were Vrekan planets, they will settle down on other Vrekan worlds. But this other species? What about them?”

Retvik tutted. Almost all Rethavok looked up to the famous general, known not only for his actions during the war against the Kronospasts, but for his extreme strategic skills and ability to calm others down. This made him essential during rescue and evacuation missions, as his voice alone could lessen panic and lead others to safety. Most of the time.

“General Retvik, ser? These beings… They have not really seen the Rethavok. Or other species…”

“I know.”

“Like… some of the other captains…”

Retvik tutted again. Eterek knew to close his mouth. But they both knew what he was going to say.

Suddenly and without warning, a minor star disappeared. How, no one was quite sure yet, but two of the planets orbiting it inhabited by Vrekans, the closest allies to the Rethavok. As soon as the sun disappeared, all five planets orbiting it began to travel off in their own directions. It was a race against time to get to the inhabited ones, save as many beings as possible then get away before the planets got too cold. The third of the three inhabited planets though was home to a strange race of creatures that had not travelled outside their solar system and were unaware of the rich universe around them.

“Would you rather we left them to die?” Retvik finally answered. “They may seem strange, but why should they perish from a wholly unnatural phenomenon?”

“That is what I was thinking, ser…” Eterek admitted. “The other captains did not wish to speak up. I believe most of them feel the same, but this is most unusual…”

“It is…”

The two Rethavok fell silent. Eterek had more questions. He was basically relaying them from his fellow captains of the 289th Legion.

“Have you spoken to them yet?”

This time, Retvik nodded. “Yes. But none of them can agree on a leader. Very scattered populations. Probably not even united among each other yet.”

“They will not survive then…” Eterek muttered.

Retvik stared at the captain. “Excuse me?”

“They are not united, even after this catastrophe? I do not like their chances.”

“Two thousand years ago, the Rethavok were not united…” Retvik hissed. “These mammalian creatures, they still have a chance. As of right now, they are still shocked and scared. Not just because of the loss of their home, but they have been suddenly thrust into the arms of a species they do not recognise.”

“They do not trust us…”

“Would you instantly trust something so alien to you?” Retvik asked the captain. “Put yourself in their position. Would you?”

Eterek hesitated, then shook his head.

“Thought so.”

“They… are very strange though. Furry. With obvious ears.”

“They probably think we are strange too…” Retvik sighed. “You should get back to your post.”

“You will talk to them though, will you not?”

“Yes, but soon… They need time to calm down…”