Lack of Memories

“Hmph.” Tahvra glanced up from his game as Akah practically disappeared inside the beanbag chair. That particular beanbag was actually designed for a much heavier being, but Tahvra had noticed that Akah always chose to use it over the various other soft sofas and chairs scattered around the outpost. “Is something wrong?” “Eh.” It was … Read more

Southern Visitor

“Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?” Tahnahos tutted and waggled his finger at the being who had just appeared on the balcony. While Phovos had been the first to notice this being’s presence, the little Kronospast was the one to actually go out and address the being, since he didn’t instinctively snarl at … Read more

Space Date

“Oh. Uh. Hello…” Phovos couldn’t help but stare. She had been sitting at the table on the balcony for about half an hour now, a full twenty minutes before her date was due to start. On the table in front of Phovos were two plates, two glasses, some cutlery, an unopened bottle of water and … Read more

Grumpy Kronospast

Phovos frowned as she peered into the fridge. It was filled to the brim with food and drinks, but none of it was anything she wanted. This particular fridge would magically refill itself with whatever the being opening it wanted. However, the magical refilling powers were meaningless if Phovos didn’t know what she wanted. “You … Read more


“Alright, I’m officially bored now.” Teekay and Relkir watched as Tahnahos paced up and down, trying to work out what to do with himself. Between the six of them, they had exhausted pretty much everything to do. They’d played the three video games they had to death, they’d gotten annoyed at the one single board … Read more