Too Many Materials

“Oh, thank goodness! I am so happy to see you!” That wasn’t the reaction Yisini had expected as she entered the blood-red glass castle, slithering her way past a handful of guards. It seemed that Epani had immediately detected Yisini’s presence, and quickly popped into existence in the main hall. She looked a lot… different, … Read more

Starting and Medicating Again

Lysar stared at the floor by her feet, trying to form words. Occasionally, she would stutter, mutter something then fall silent again. Rethais had attempted to put his arms around Lysar to comfort her, but every time he did so, she shook him off. A glass of water appeared on a tray next to Lysar, … Read more

Dutiful Anger

“YOU AGREED TO IT?” Rethais was glad he ducked as a porcelain bowl flew past him and smashed against the kitchen counter. “I take it you are upset.” “YOU SAID WE WERE GOING TO LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURY AND YOU WOULD JUST BE AN AMBASSADOR! YOU SAID YOU WOULD NOT RETURN TO THAT CURSED … Read more

Swapped Offers

“Good day, General Rethais! For what reason are you gracing me with your presence today?” Rethais stood in the doorway to Reniir’s home. Or rather, what was left of it. The walls were still standing, but not much else was. Furniture had been thrown around and smashed, window frames were buckled and bent and the … Read more

Serpentine Options

“YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PICK A NEW LEADER!” Rethais fell backwards, collapsing in a heap of of wood, fake leather and bits of chair behind his desk. Everything had been utterly silent and almost peaceful, up until the moment the massive, purple serpentine being had forced her way into Rethais’s small office. “We, uh, have … Read more

Forgotten Reasoning

Kairos panted with satisfaction, holding a familiar white and grey Life Goddess in his arms. He and Seimeni had been chilling out in the Whenvern’s crystal palace for a couple of weeks now and were very happy with the current situation. Of course, plenty of fun times had happened, but there had also been plenty … Read more

Hunger Pangs

“Come on, Rett, you need to eat…” Gath picked the tiny youngling up from his massive pile of plushies and pillows, then delicately placed him inside his high chair at the table. It had only been three months, but already, baby Rett was very active and constantly wanted to move about. He still couldn’t eat … Read more

Hot Chocolate Date

Revan expected a lot of things today, and the lack of people in this little red cafe was not one of them. Due to a lot of cultures suddenly being forced together into smaller places, quite a few things had been adopted by the Rethavok. One of those things was commercial holidays, holidays invented mostly … Read more

Bumped Shopping

“Oh piss, sorry!” Relkai blinked as he looked up. His shopping had gone pretty much everywhere because he hadn’t been looking where he was going. Between working out schedules for the 270th, 271st and 269th Legions, arranging training and exercise days and having to up security because of passing deities, Relkai had barely had ten … Read more

Lacking Nominations

“Let me get this straight. We have zero candidates who wish to run for High General?” The circle of Rethans all nodded. Present were the most powerful and most respected of the Rethan elite, each one a heavily armoured, highly decorated General. At the head of the table was Rethais Rethianos, the former High General … Read more

Skyan Buddy

“Hai!” The tiny voice caught Rethais off guard. He had been… examining the scene ahead of him, not sure what to make of it. The Allbirther had invited him to visit the “Grand Advisory Hall”, in order to discuss what his new job would consist of, but the location was… off. Despite being on a … Read more

Six Guards

“Oh! I love them!” Epani clapped her fins together with glee as Kinisis presented the six colossal beings, instructing each one of them to stand in a certain position. As they each stepped on specially designed platforms, a massive, diamond-laced steel door opened up, revealing the insides of the universe. “I’m glad! These little monsters … Read more

New Plans

“I have a plan.” Kairos couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Kinisis’s statement. The four deities sat in what remained of the Void Lord’s old throne room, sitting around a large, hastily made table that covered a large hole in the floor. Several bowls of various snacks had been placed on the table, one … Read more