Six Guards

“Oh! I love them!” Epani clapped her fins together with glee as Kinisis presented the six colossal beings, instructing each one of them to stand in a certain position. As they each stepped on specially designed platforms, a massive, diamond-laced steel door opened up, revealing the insides of the universe. “I’m glad! These little monsters … Read more

New Plans

“I have a plan.” Kairos couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Kinisis’s statement. The four deities sat in what remained of the Void Lord’s old throne room, sitting around a large, hastily made table that covered a large hole in the floor. Several bowls of various snacks had been placed on the table, one … Read more


Rethais was rather upset. Today was supposed to be a day off, a day of rest, after the feasting of Macromera. A day to sleep off the food and alcohol and spend time with the family. Considering he had been working non-stop over the winter break, Rethais had been desperate for some time off with … Read more

Reunion in the Cells

“Tahnahos, you shouldn’t be snooping around down here!” Phovos protested as the little Kronospast tugged at her arm. “We are supposed to be on duty, protecting Kinisis!” Tahnahos paid no heed to his fellow Guardian’s concerns. Instead, he continued dragging Phovos deeper into the golden palace, down several stairwells, past a myriad of Rethan guards … Read more

Quick Tour

The plan had been to head straight to the fancy villa that Kairos and Kenon had set up. But as soon as Epani had heard that Kinisis arrived, she INSISTED on inviting the Allmaker on a tour of her new universe. A cute little floating sleigh had been summoned, with Epani sitting at the front, … Read more

Final Feast Touches

Orthon clapped his hands with glee as his soldiers finished the last few decorative touches on the massive hall. Everything had been delicately decorated with a vast array of beautiful golden ornaments, freshly re-planted fir trees, meters upon meters of sparkly lights and more tinsel than was probably necessary. It was all probably a bit … Read more

Elevator Chat

Rethais had planned to just head home after yet another tedious day of pointless work. But as he closed the door to his office, he noticed someone sitting outside. A small, black and yellow, familiar Skyavok. “Uh, what are you doing here, All-Ksa Kayel?” Kayel folded up the pamphlet he had been reading and placed … Read more

A Godly Invitation from a Mortal

“Oh! Hello, little mortal! What brings you to my domain?” Rethais glanced over his shoulder and pointed at a wooden door which didn’t seem to be attached to anything. Then again, Rethais was pretty sure that he was standing on either clouds or cotton wool, floating above a mountain, speaking to a massive sea creature … Read more

Legion of Threats

Veeksiar tutted as he weaved through the lines of soldiers, making his way to the grand office of the High General. He had been working alongside Vaxavius and Orthon, two high ranking Generals, for the last few weeks, creating a very large, very comprehensive plan on how to make non-Rethan races like the Rethavok more. … Read more

A Brief Break From Work

“Hi Ser!” Trismit bounced as he let himself in. “You are home early! Normally you do not get in until late!” Rethais looked up from his tablet, smiling slightly. “You do know you do not need to call me ser, right? Any parental name is acceptable.” Trismit shrugged, dumping his bag by the cape rack, … Read more

In Front of the Lord

“Hm. Looks like he’s redecorated…” All things considered, Kohra was actually feeling rather calm right now. The trip from his home where he had been kidnapped from, all the way to the Grand Palace that marked the centre of Rethan territories and influence had been rather calm and, more importantly, Kohra had managed to glean … Read more

Bang At The Door

“Hey, were either of you expecting a par-” The front door blasted off its hinges throwing Kayen backwards and flinging him across the floor. Before he could even attempt to work out why the front door had exploded, a heavy metal collar snapped around Kayen’s neck, pinning him to the tiled floor. Immediately, Kayen began … Read more