The Soul Rupture

The Soul Rupture of Kinigi was an event that started on the 13th of February 2016 PDW and ended on the 27th of April 2016 PDW. The realm of Kinigi, a place that recycles the souls of all beings and controls the circle of Life and Death, was blocked off by Deitic beings in an attempt to siphon off energy and give Deitics souls of their own. This caused a phenomenon where all mortal beings were suddenly made immortal and unable to die, due to the fact that their souls could not be recycled.

During this time, no beings were capable of dying, although injuries would still cause them great harm. All beings were also rendered infertile, from conscious life to both plant and animal life. Pregnant beings remained pregnant until the end of the Soul Rupture and no eggs hatched during this time. Many Deitics not related to those behind the Soul Rupture, attempted to flee their realms and live among mortal beings.

As the crisis unfolded, the leaders of many races tried to keep the populace calm, and most races carried on with their lives as normal. Crime did increase briefly but returned to normal levels after the first month.

Throughout the Soul Rupture, a small number of beings found themselves randomly transforming into creatures known as Veth, the monstrous defenders of Kinigi. Affected individuals would often wake up in strange places, often having killed Deitics or destroyed Deitic locations related to those behind the Soul Rupture. A liquid solution, named Anti-Vethic Vials, was handed out to large amounts of the population in an attempt to stop beings from changing, but in the last 10 days of the Soul Rupture, the vials no longer worked.

Numbers of Veth were small at first, only affecting Theoktons, but as the crisis continued, more and more beings found themselves randomly turning into Veth.

On April 25th, 0.05% of the entire population of the Phoviverse found themselves turned into Veth, the majority of which were transported to a Deitic stronghold. The Veth battled against Deitics, assisted by strange beings called A’Vatas, for two days, after which the blockage between the universe and Kinigi was destroyed and the cycle of life and death was restored. The Veth involved were teleported semi-randomly back to their home worlds, and turned back to their normal forms.

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