On Theoktons

Theokton is a term referring to all beings who are resistant to the manipulation of Deitic beings. Theoktons are split into two categories: true Theoktons – Deitics, who are immune to each other’s power and so-called ‘god-killers’; and general Theoktons, which covers everyone else.

The ability to be resistance to Deitic manipulation comes from the amount of precious metals in one’s blood, particularly silver, although some genetics are involved as well. It is believed that 1% of all beings are Theoktons, but testing whether a being is a Theokton or not is rather tricky. The only reliable method currently involves taking blood samples from a subject and injecting them into a live Zonta. Results are positive when the injection sight on the Zonta turns red and melts away as the Zonta’s body castrates the afflicted area.

Although the term Theokton implies that such a being can kill a Deitic, only true Theoktons have that ability. What separates a true Theokton from a general one (apart from being a Deitic being) is currently unknown. Many believe that true Theoktons are directly related to Theoktons, but genetic testing on the majority of known true Theoktons has proved this theory incorrect.

General Theokton numbers have increased sharply over the last 100 years. This is partially to do with the extended breeding of Theokton Thanatians of the Tromou family, a great clan of Raptor-types that goes back to the year 992 PDW, but Theoktons have increased among other species, particularly the Retha and Vreka. There is also a trend among soon-to-be male Vohra, where they will only gain Theokton abilities if they should reach adulthood.

Notable Theoktons include the Dessaron, Kalsa Team Lak, Phovos, Thymos and Mavri-Thyra of the Tromou family and Colin Sunbasker of the northern Bayvak nests.