General List of Locations

The Phoviverse is an abnormal universe, no larger than the local galactic neighbourhood of our own universe. There is only really one galaxy in the Phoviverse that contains all of the universe’s stars, spread out somewhat evenly, and nebulae are incredibly slow to produce new stars. On the other hand, there are a vast number of stars within the Phoviverse and a huge number of those stars have Earth-sized planets on them, all within various habitable zones.

Map of the MK4 Phoviverse

The Centre of the Universe

From the outside, the Centre of the Universe looks like a massive star, many lightyears across. It is in fact the biggest nebula in the Phoviverse, constantly producing stars at such a rate that it glows. The nebula itself though is somewhat cold and only seems incredibly hot due to the vast amounts of dust that make up its vast walls.

Divine Diamond – Centre of the Kronospast Empire

Divine Diamond is the massive blue giant of a star that nurtured the many planets the Kronospasts and their fellow ‘Deiton’ species matured on. It is so large and hot that it is believed that the centre of the star is made of pure compressed carbon.

Swarmhome – Home star of the Vohran Swarmstars

The planets orbiting the huge red giant Swarmhome were where the Vohra originated, and has served as their throne world ever since they started expanding. Unfortunately, in recent years, Swarmhome has begun to show signs of dying, forcing the Vohra to expand more aggressively.

Thanatai – Home star and most important star of the Temthan Realms

A large, blue star orbited by 15 planets, Thanatai is the home solar system of the Temthans and many of the major Temthan sub-species. Due to the number of good, warm planets both Thanatai and its neighbouring stars have around them, the area has been hotly contested by all three main empires for a long time, but the Temthans still cling on to their beloved home.

Reth – Hubstar of the Reth-Vrekan Union

The largest star of the Maza solar neighbourhood, Reth is the home star of the Rethavok and the nearest star to th home world of the Vrekans, with three planets capable of supporting life, as well as four gas giant planets, a rare occurrence in the Phoviverse. These planets give the members of the Reth-Vrekan Union access to rare resources not readily available elsewhere in the universe

Main Home World Planets

Deitonia – Home world of the Kronospasts

Vohran En – Original home world of the Vohra

Vohraown Dy – Hub world of the Vohra

Vohranown Dekeft – Secondary hub world of the Vohra

Thanatia 3 – Original home world of the Temthans and the Thanatian subspecies.

Thanatia 2 – Main home world of the Temthans

Temthai 4 – Secondary home world of the Temthans, home world of the Thraki

Threa – Home world of the Rethavok and Skyavok.

Vrex – Home world of the Vrekans

Rethvre – Hub world of the Reth-Vrekan Union

Portalia – Secondary hub world of the Reth-Vrekan Union and home to the Dessaron Battle Arena

Armonia – Hub world of the Harmony Star System, open to all races

Kolasi – Magic-ravaged home world of the Banikans