Species name: A’Vata – plural A’Vatas – Also known as the Servants of Time – Formerly known as Avatars of Death

Full name: Unknown

Average dimensions: Varied

Description: A’Vatas are shapeshifting beings that generally appear to mortals and Deitics as glowing, winged insectoid beings, often with horns on their heads and spiked, clawed limbs. Their bodies are covered in delicate carvings and runes, which emanate a cold glow. Their internal fluids are so toxic that skin contact alone can kill any being, mortal or Deitic. Only Veth and Theoktons are immune to A’Vata blood.

Colouration: Any colour is possible on an A’Vata, and many appear as white with brightly coloured highlights, due to them having colourations that can’t be seen by standard eyes.

Abilities: A’Vatas are immortal beings who cannot be killed by conventional methods. Upon causing large amounts of damage to their bodies, they will reappear at their birthplace, forming a cocoon to heal from their injuries. It has recently been discovered that A’Vatas are related to Deitic races, and are affected by anti-Deitic metals. This means that they most likely have all the abilities other Deitic races have, although it is unclear whether they align with chaos or order, and their allegiance to the Whenvern only makes them harder to judge. Due to having severed their ties with Death and the realm of Kinigi, A’Vatas are currently physically much weaker than they used to be.

Temperament: Many A’Vatas appear cold and neutral, more interested in doing their job of serving their masters over anything else. Interrupting an A’Vata will cause them to become incredibly aggressive, and they will only calm down once they can return to their jobs in peace.

Diet: A’Vatas have no need to eat, but they will occasionally eat anything sweet they happen to come across. They also enjoy carrion and any sort of rotting plants or animals.

Life Cycle: Being Deitics, A’Vatas do not die, they will reform if their bodies are destroyed. It is unknown how A’Vatas reproduce, if they even do. Social foreplay has been observed among A’Vatas and Veth while they were servants of Kinigi. Now that they work for the Whenvern, A’Vatas have been observed flirting with mortal beings, occasionally tricking them into full sexual intercourse. There are believed to be very few A’Vatas, as multiple wars and changes in allegiance have decimated their population.

Culture: There appears to be some sort of hierarchy among A’Vatas, based on how many lower beings they influence. A’Vatas do not kill unless they are interrupted from their jobs or are commanded to, but they can be considered tricksters and will lure mortals into traps. All A’Vatas bow down to the Whenvern and serve him as his disciples.

Technology: A’Vatas have access to technology that can do the impossible and make no sense to mortal beings, but this is rarely ever seen, let alone used. The only commonly used A’Vata tech are the Vethogenic Chambers, which are used to create and heal Veth, but this technology was mostly destroyed after the Soul Rupture of 2016 PDW.