Tale: Rebirth’s Aftermath

It is beautiful here.

The sun set ages ago, but its rays still tickle the horizon, spreading light above the hills and trees, reflecting and refracting in the lake below me. I’m hovering above all of it. This isn’t Kinigi, but it is close.

Can’t help but want to stay here. After all the horrors, I never thought I’d be free. I genuinely thought I would end up gone forever. Not in Kinigi, but trapped as a stolen soul. It could have happened. I know it. Ayvee-En was lying to me the whole time. Apart from the ‘making a kid’ thing, he was genuine about that. But he wasn’t the one to curse me with undeath, nor was he actually going to kill me. I could see that as I left him in there.
Will he escape? Probably. He is too smart. Will he try and find another way to try and kill Arkay? Probably. But I have faith in my kid. Arkay can kill gods, that monster does not stand a chance. Arkay will probably kill him. And do it in self defence so he doesn’t get punished for it. He’s smart like that. Smarter than me. Braver than me too.

But enough of that. Back to the scenery. This is more important right now.

I am calm right now. Lost in the beauty. I could be thinking about all that has happened recently, but I don’t want to. I don’t have to. It’s all… different. Gone. Like I have been reborn in light and shadow. I have never been one to believe in gods, especially not since the Soul Rupture, but I feel blessed. This is a chance for me to start again.

I can’t help but wonder how I have changed though. I don’t look the same way I used to. My yellow armour is gone. Half my armour is now a shining black, the other half a shining gold. I look amazing. It’s not just that though, I feel more powerful than I have ever been. Maybe this is what Psivee-En went thr-

I’d forgotten about him. I have to go find where he fell. The least I can do is make sure he gets a proper burial. It is not far from here. I carry myself with a gently push of my telekinetic power. The wind blows with me and I head towards the dead village.

It is still mostly the same. Apart from the ruined house at the top. The monster only cared about me. I remain cautious, but everything is dead here. Or so I thought. Psivee-En’s body is not there.

My telepathy reaches out. I can sense emotions. Not just mine, but those of Psivee-En too. I can see what happened, see it all from Psivee-En’s eyes. Watching as the monster came up and strangled the life from me, as his own ebbed. There is more though. It doesn’t all fade to black. He didn’t want to die. Fought until…

Someone came and saved him. Landed by his feet, picked him up and took him away. A Thraki. No, a couple of Thraki. Not to eat him though. Thraki do not do that.

Where did they go? I need to track them, follow them. Perhaps they buried him, gave him peace. Perhaps, just maybe, he is alive.

I must find Psivee-En.