Decayling Snuggles

“Hey, baby, you alright?”

Retvik sat up, rubbing his eyes, trying to work out where he was and who was talking to him. It took him far too long to realise that he was safe in his own bed, with his new friend lying next to him.

“Seimeni…” Retvik muttered under his breath. “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“Well, yeah, you were struggling and kinda flailing…”

Retvik looked Seimeni up and down. She was floating in the air just above Retvik, completely naked. So small, so round and delicate, yet so beautifully soft as well, with pale white skin and those curious, sparkling starry eyes that most of the beings around there lacked, Retvik included.

“Did you have a bad dream?”

With a sigh, Retvik snapped back at reality. It was rude to stare and that was exactly what he was doing. “Yes. I believe so. Dreams of war and death. I am not sure if they are twisted nightmares or images of what really happened…”

“Probably a mixture of both,” Seimeni tried to be reassuring. She teleported to Retvik’s side, gently stroking the back of his neck. Throughout their brief relationship, Retvik had quickly realised just how different it was to be with a being that was soft all over, rather than the armour plated monster Retvik was. The intimacy was… very different. “You’re going to struggle for a bit. Gods made under duress tend to be, well, ‘duressed’. Stressed out and finding that calmness is unfamiliar to them.”

“My old life was… rather stressful…”

Seimeni smiled, still gently massaging her new partner. “I understand. A lot of bad things happened to you. Heck, even us Decay Lords are still sifting through the remains. But you’re a strong being. You’ll pull through. And you have me by your side.”

Retvik grunted, edging away from Seimeni. “Sometimes I feel that all of this is… too sudden. I am trying to settle down into… into this new pattern of living. Being a Decayling, doing chores for the higher Decay Lords, coping with being a creature without a universe. I do not know if you see time differently to the way I see it, but what I assume was a couple of weeks ago, I was recovering in hospital from some normal mortal injuries after recently being divorced. And now I am here. In bed with you.”

The pale Decay Lord shrugged. “I can give you some space, if you want. I tell you what though, you’re doing a billion times better than all the other Decaylings we picked up. Most of them are still going through recalibration, so they can properly function as actual conscious beings.”

“That is the issue… I feel this is too fast… but… I also enjoy the attention. I enjoy having someone who treats me nicely. It is nice being loved in a simple way.”

Seimeni smiled some more as she floated back to bed, bringing a blanket with her. She daintily covered both herself and Retvik with the blanket, snuggling up tight.

“Well, baby, I’ll love you however you want me to love you…” Seimeni whispered, wrapping her arms around Retvik.

“Thank you…” Retvik smiled a little, and hugged Seimeni back, cuddling the beautiful, soft Decay Lord in his massive, muscular arms. “And I will love you back, however you want me to love you…”