Hidden Kiniseon


Teekay had been awkwardly distant the last few days. Things had been bothering him. His current situation wasn’t so much a bad one, but it was certainly awkward. Rather than trying to deal with this incomprehensible mess though, Teekay had decided to withdraw from the real world, hiding inside a sheet fort in his house.

His new partner, a permanently beautiful yet shifting being, had also been distant, but for a different reason. Elkay had realised that Teekay needed space, so he was giving it to him. Even though there were more selfish things he wanted. Which is why Teekay’s sudden words caught him by surprise.

“What is the matter, dear?” Elkay asked as he made his way over to the entrance of the sheet fort. Teekay’s muzzle could be seen sticking out from a gap in the covers.

“Is the universe ending?”

Elkay wasn’t sure how to respond. Normally he would say no… But with the Rethan coup, the disappearance of a deity, the visits of another deity and now the gold streaks in the sky that led to the centre of the universe… Elkay wasn’t so sure.

“What do you mean?”

“I feel like it’s ending…” Teekay grunted, lifting up one of the sheets, allowing Elkay inside the sheet fort. “Like, I don’t know. Something massive is happening. We will have to fight, Elkay. We might die. And… I am… having thoughts about this Kiniseon stuff. What if it is all real?”

“I… do not think I understand…” Elkay grunted. “What thoughts are you having?”

“I think the gods might have fucked up and called me a Kiniseon thingy only because you’ve been fucking me and I’ve been in close contact with other Kiniseons. I don’t have any of the powers you have. I can’t shapeshift or adapt or anything like that. I am not powerful in any way.

Elkay sighed, then climbed into the sheet fort, lying down next to Teekay.

“Teekay, what you just said, using the same words you used for me, was fucking retarded. You are powerful. You are insanely powerful. You just forget because you are with me, someone who has always been powerful. You forget that you are a powerful fighter AND a powerful diplomat. Your strength comes not just from any supernatural power, but the ability to talk to others too.”

“Yeah, that means fuck all when the universe might end.”

“So does the ability to fight back…” Elkay frowned. “Cannot do anything if there is no universe to do anything in. We are both nothing when the universe is nothing.”

Teekay shivered at the thought. “I don’t want the universe to end.”

“Neither do I. As messy as this universe is, I do like it. Nearly as much as I like you.”

That little last sentence made Teekay’s frown fade. He rolled over, snuggling up to Elkay.

“Sorry I have been so awkward lately.”

Elkay smiled back, putting his arms around Teekay. “Do not apologise. You did the same for me when I was acting awkward. No matter what happens, I am here for you.”

Teekay smiled some more, enjoying the loving embrace.

“I love you, Elkay.”

“I love you too, Teekay…”