Bandages and Chocolate

“You didn’t do anything to help me.”

Kairos gently closed the door behind him as he brought in a tray of chocolates and roses. He didn’t want to get into an argument, but it was clear that Seimeni, still covered in bandages, wanted a fight.

“You didn’t listen to my warnings. But I don’t want to do this right now. You’re tired and grumpy, I’m tired and worried. Can’t we just relax and watch some tubes?”

Seimeni grunted. She waited for Kairos to sit down next to her and place that tray of sweets in her reach. As soon as she could do so, she grabbed as many chocolates as she could in her one free hand and stuffed them in her mouth.

“You’re hungry.”

“I’m a lot of things, Kairos. Hungry being one of them.”

Kairos peered at Seimeni’s skin, the bits that were visible under her bandages. He was pretty sure she was almost fully healed, but was milking the bandages for pity and was overall feeling sorry for herself.

“You just hiding in here now?”

“For a while, yes. Need the Decay Lords to calm down a little bit. Before they punish me some more.”

The Time Drake tutted. “You do realise what you did was pretty damn bad, right?”

“Yeah. But still. Didn’t think they’d go for physical punishment. At least, not THAT sort of physical punishment. That hurt way, way more than I expected.”

“I did warn you…” Kairos sighed. “I told you to leave Arkadin alone. He’s too unstable. Actually, I take that back, Arkadin’s fine as long as you don’t fuck with him. Which you did.”

“But you didn’t help get him off me…” Seimeni frowned. “That’s what’s bothering me right now. I get what Arkadin did, I kinda deserved it.”


“Kinda. Little thing hurt me bad. But you just… hid. You didn’t try to step in or anything.”

“Well… yeah… of course I didn’t…” Kairos hesitated, trying to find the right words. “I mean, I like you a lot, Seimeni. But I’m not at “suicidal tendencies and dying for you” levels of love yet.”

“Are you saying…”

Kairos raised his wings defensively. “Arkadin has no idea how to kill you, but he knows EXACTLY how to kill me! And I honestly don’t think the Decay Lords could act fast enough to stop Arkadin from killing me if I tried to defend you! I knew that no one would let you die or anything, so I decided to step back so I could be alive to help you recover. Even though I disagree with what you did.”

Seimeni frowned, then stole some more sweets from Kairos’s tray. She knew Kairos was completely right but didn’t want to outwardly admit it.

“You don’t seem that bothered about what I did though.”

The Time Drake settled back down, helping himself to a chocolate. “Well… It’s not like I haven’t done stupid, retarded stuff before. I tried to mind-control my sister in a failed plan to kill Arkadin. And then she tried to mind-control Arkadin to capture me. We did a lot of stupid shit.”

Seimeni giggled, somewhat unexpectedly. “Haha… that’s amusing and depressing… But on the flip side, something good came out of all of this.”

“Like what?” Kairos blinked. “You’re all battered and beaten.”

“Yeah. But I got Retvik and Litvir together.”

“You did?”


“But aren’t-”



“Just go with it, dear…” Seimeni smiled, pulling Kairos close. “They’re happier now. All of them.”