Cockpit Chat

“You don’t seem right.”

The Thantir Two was currently docked at a Life Oasis, where Life Goddesses were busy getting drunk and partying. It wasn’t at all a place for Decay Lords, but it was the only local market around, and the Thantir needed a few supplies that they couldn’t have teleported in.

While Itaviir and Galyn were outside, one getting fuel, the other getting repair tools and doing inspections, Galyn was sitting in the cockpit, mostly minding his own business. He thought he’d been alone with his thoughts, but Arkay’s sudden appearance was a bit of a surprise.

“I thought you were supposed to be out with Vikalos and the others, learning how to do quick repairs on miniature punctures?”

Arkay shrugged, making himself comfy in the empty seat next to Galyn. “Firstly, I already know how to do that. Secondly, I was drawing the attention of way too many Life Goddesses, so Vikalos suggested I come back here.”

“Ah…” Galyn frowned briefly. He had enjoyed the peace and quiet, since he very rarely got time to be himself. “I can see why Vikalos suggested that…”

“Yeah…” Arkay shrugged some more. He leaned back in the massive chair, his feet swinging in the air. “But you don’t seem right at all lately. Like you’re lacking something and don’t have anyone to talk to about it.”

“Some things are best kept private, little one!” Galyn tutted, crossing his own legs and straightening himself out. He had been sitting in a rather compromised position and wanted to appear more professional to the Decayling. “Especially some thoughts. Some thoughts must remain quiet…”

“Eh, bottling all of them up seems like a bad idea. Especially if it’s, like, a social thing. I’ve been chatting with Retvik and Litvir a lot and it helps, it really does. Gets things off your chest. It’s helped me a ton, and I’m wondering if you’re having the same thing.”

Galyn tilted his head to one side, looking rather confused. “You think I am not talking about my problems?”



“You had a big argument with your friends. You still haven’t worked out what you want.”

Galyn watched as Arkay leaned back, happily kicking his legs. He recalled how Arkay used to be incredibly sensitive and withheld. Ever since the Thantir had split into a smaller group and Arkay had beings he could relate to, he had opened up a lot. More than that though, Arkay had somewhat physically matured as well, taking on a more adult form.

He was still tiny though. Amusingly cute.

“You would not understand. Millennia-old relationships are… hard to digest.”

“Probably, but saying it out loud can make it easier for you to digest instead.”

Galyn shook his head. “It would be unfair to burden you with my wishes and desires. I have spent many years in this relationship with Vikalos and Itaviir and it has left me longing, sadly.”

Arkay’s eyes widened. He sat up and awkwardly twisted his chair round to face Galyn. “You guys are, like, the opposite of us! Retvik and Litvir want us to have a companionship with a romantic element when I’m uncertain about it all. But you’re sitting there, wanting a romantic relationship with two beings who are completely asexual!”

“Well… you could say that…” Galyn tutted. “Vikalos has been… somewhat open to the idea, but anything vaguely emotional has been a… hard no from Itaviir. Itaviir never had a proper mortal life and only existed as a deity.”

Arkay grunted. “I get that. I’m the stubborn one after all. Just trying to get over my fears and worries and stuff. To be honest, that’s kinda why I think you should do as Litvir suggested, look after us for a bit and rejoin Vikalos and Itaviir later. At the very least, it’s a change of pace, and you get to do what you want.”

“Mhm… Which is why… I will probably do that. After all, I need some space, and you three need my help…”

“Heh…” Arkay smiled. “We’ll try not to be too much of a pain in the ass for ya…”

Galyn smiled back, somewhat uneasily. “It is not you three who are the problem… Just need to work out how to break the news gently to the others…”