Errant Questioning

“So, let me get this straight. You want to stay here and help these three Decaylings become proper Decay Lords. You would rather spend your time training them and teaching them, than spend your time in retirement with your two closest friends?”

Galyn nodded.

“You want to remain out here, in the mediocre, rarely navigated parts of the Kiniseon Corner of the Periuniversal Void, where Life Goddesses flood the fly-ways and Voidborns are nestled in every corner?”

Galyn nodded some more.

“You prefer the company of those three little ones, barely learned and still growing, rather than your millennia-long companions?”

Galyn continued to nod, not appreciating this questioning.

“You wish to remain on this little ship with only basic amenities, in your on basic room, rather than living a life of luxury and pleasure back in Deathven? Where you can have pretty much anything and anyone you want?”

Galyn nodded, sighing.

“You are honestly giving up a chance to go back to a literal perfect heaven for unhomed deities, preferring to stay out here in a place which has torn us apart?”

More nodding. The questioning was getting annoying. And somewhat repetitive.

“You wish to remain in dangerous and uncharted territories, where the Fthoroi could strike at any moment, compromising you and devouring you?”


Itaviir crossed his arms, tutting loudly. “I do not understand you, Galyn. You would genuinely rather be uncomfortable and alone than come along with Vikalos and myself? For three little Decaylings that we have thousands of back in Deathven? Those three are really worth abandoning us?”

“Oh enough already!” Vikalos grumbled, finally stepping in. “Just let Galyn do what satisfies his heart!”

Itaviir turned to Vikalos. “You are on his side?”

“No, I would rather we stick together. As you said, we have been together for millennia. We are basically siblings at this point, bound in blood almost the same way those Decaylings are. But that does not mean we have to be glued to each other. We can go our separate ways and come back later!”

“Hm…” Itaviir paused. “I admit… I had not considered that. You have a good point, we do not have to be together forever.”

“That is what I have been saying!” Galyn protested. “I want to finish what I started here before I head back to Deathven! It is not right to forget what I started. Is this too much to ask?”

Itaviir took a deep breath. “Fine. If we let you bugger off and mess around with these Decaylings, do you promise that you will rejoin Vikalos and myself when you are done?”

“Of course! That was basically my plan! Have some alone time while I finish with the Decaylings then return to you two when I feel better! But you had your head stuck up your ass, Itaviir, and you did not want to listen!”

“Well… I apologise. I clearly was not thinking straight. Do you think you will be long with the Decaylings? Will our separation be brief?”

“It will not be long, that is for certain,” Galyn answered. “But they need my help more than you two do, and I have promises I must keep. That being said, you have my word that I will return and rejoin you once more, when my work here is done.”

“Good, good…” Itaviir clapped his hands together. “Do you need help preparing the ship, or can we just leave you to it?”

Galyn smiled, bowing slightly. “No, I should be fine. After all, I have three Decaylings to help me.”

“Decay Lords!” Vikalos corrected his friends. “They are Decay Lords now!”

“Fledgling ones though…” Galyn continued to smile. “Decay Lords with a lot to learn. And now with a mentor to teach them as well…”