Returning Attack

The glass panel buckled briefly before shattering, scattering shards across the floor. Theocydes had made his entrance and was clearly looking for a fight, standing alongside his three minions. But his opponents seemed to have other ideas, as one of his minions were immediately blasted out into the Void by a fiery explosion.

“I just had that fixed…” Galyn snarled, holding a large cannon, aiming it directly at the Void Lord. “Why are you here, scum?”

“Why are you pointing a weapon at me, rather than using your claws?” Theocydes asked, seemingly mocking the Decay Lord. “Come to think of it, why did you not pause upon seeing my minions? Surely you have questions?”

One of the little Decaylings by Galyn’s side raised its hand awkwardly. “Uh, we already determined that you just cloned your old minions. Since they are clones, Retvik had no qualms murdering the clone of a being he had already murdered in the past.”

Theocydes laughed, even as he realised that the fireborn Decayling had completely and utterly incinerated Rethanius MK2. It didn’t matter what these former death beings did to his minions, he could always clone some more.

“As to why I am here? I think you can all guess. Where is your little Life Goddess hybrid, so I can murder her?”

Retvik and Litvir glanced at each other. Theocydes knew that the Deathvenians were aware of the hybrid’s location and were keeping their mouths shut, and didn’t expect them to talk. However, he also did not expect the captain of this ship to be unhappy at Theocydes’s honest answer and to fire his weapon.

While Letharus MK2 quickly disintegrated in a fine, golden mist and Kallus MK3 collapsed into a heap on the ground, Theocydes remained standing.

“Hm. Seems very unlike you to use an actual gun…” Theocydes tutted, before laughing.

“I do not want to sully my claws with your filth!” Galyn snapped. “You have three choices. Either you get off this ship right now, I kill you the old-fashioned way or I let Retvik burn you into a crisp.”

Again, the Voidborn laughed some more. “Hah! Your little fireborn could barely touch me in the past and I decidedly won our last battle, Decay Lord! What makes you think this time will be any better?”

“You lack the element of surprise. We are aware of your tactics now, and are better prepared…”

Galyn paused. Theocydes noticed that the Decay Lord’s own little minions seemed uneasy as well. But before he could act on that unease, everything suddenly went black. And everything went very painful. Something was screaming at him.

The Void Lord grunted as dark energy kept him trapped inside a tiny sphere. More energy smashed Theocydes into the walls, getting harsher and more painful with every attack.

“Ow. This actually hurts…” Theocydes muttered as something punctured through the darkness and into his side.

“AS IT FUCKING SHOULD!” a voice shouted. This voice did not belong to either Galyn or his elder minions. It belonged to the hybrid. And they seemed rather angry. The thrashing and bashing continued to intensify, to the point that Theocydes couldn’t tell up nor down. Worse though, his body was being crushed.

All of a sudden though, the pain stopped. Everything stopped. As Theocydes tore his way out of the dark, inky sac, he realised what had happened.

Yet again, the little hybrid had yeeted him into the darkness…