Relationship Thoughts

“Do you feel better now?”


Litvir stretched his arms out as he and Retvik relaxed on the bed. It was only just large enough for them both, but that didn’t matter. Litvir was only a temporary visitor to Retvik’s quarters, but today’s visit had been much more… fun than usual. For reasons neither he nor Retvik could explain, their sexual drives had been running much higher than normal, almost to the point of desperation.

Luckily, they had been eager to keep themselves satisfied, but something was bothering Litvir.

“Good to hear…” Litvir muttered, now wrapping his tail around himself. “Now our heads are clearer, may I ask you a question?”

Retvik shifted forward, before sitting up straight. “Of course. Why would you not be allowed to ask a question?”

“Well, you do not always respond well to awkward questions, so I wanted to measure your willingness to answer before I ask…” Litvir explained. “Anyway, my question is one about our relationship, because I want to make sure that we are on the same page. We are just allies, yes?”

Surprisingly, Retvik snorted, letting out a little laugh. “Just allies?”

“I would say friends rather than allies, but I do not want to anger you.”

Retvik paused, then stared at Litvir. “Are you afraid of me?”

“Oh no!” Litvir immediately responded, sitting up as well to better look at Retvik. “I am not scared of you normally. Not in the way that I have perpetual concern around Arkay. But, to put it politely, you killed me. You killed me when I was stronger than you. And you are now far, far stronger than I could ever be.”

“But I did not kill you. I assisted in your death but I did not kill you. Trismit and Kuta were the ones who ensured your destruction while I was lying on the ground…” Retvik grumbled.

“Eh, either way, I still died. That being said, I am not afraid of you. After all, we just had intercourse. I just want to be clear that our relationship is that of friends with benefits, rather than a truly romantic relationship.”

Retvik thought to himself for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess your analysis of our relationship is correct.”

“Our relationship right now.”

Retvik’s expression changed from relaxed to rather puzzled. “You want to take the relation further?”


“Oh. Oh…”

“You seem…”

Retvik shook his head. “I am just a bit confused, that is all. I do not want a romantic relationship with you either and was worried that you suddenly did want one. I do not want any romantic relationships right now.”

“Well we both seem to be in agreement. Friends with benefits, nothing more.”


Both Rethans sighed, then got up off the bed, calmly putting their armour back on. But their peace was brief, as a heavy hand banged on the bedroom door.

“I need you both out here, urgently!” Galyn growled from the other side. “It is very important!”

“Why, what is going on?” Litvir shouted back, only half-dressed. “Give us a moment!”

That moment however was not given at all. The door creaked open and Galyn was standing in the doorway. “No time. I have picked up a distress signal! We need to get going now!”

“Yes ser!” both Retvik and Litvir replied, quickening their pace, throwing on their armour and following Galyn out of the room. After all, every second counted.