Murdragon’s Refusal

“What do you mean, no?”

Itaviir was dumbfounded. Out of all the Decay Lords he expected to not accept his invitation, Saahro, the Murdragon, was one of the last beings he thought would say no.

“Well, uh, I mean no.”

“You want to go back to Deathven?”


“You do not want to go adventuring any more?”

Saahro shrugged, shaking out his blood-red scales. He remained perched on the rocky outcrop in his personal quarters, looking down at the ancient Decay Lord.

“I think I want to take a break from adventuring, yeah. There’s only so much infinite void one can explore.”

Itaviir crossed his arms, not really buying Saahro’s explanation. “Surely there has to be more to this than you being bored. Have Vikalos, Galyn and I done something wrong? Have we upset you?”

“Nah. You guys are fine. It’s Seimeni that’s upset me.”

“How has she upset you?”

The Murdragon grunted. A flicker of fire emanated from his nostrils. “It’s… hard to explain.”

“You can talk to me. We can make it confidential, if you prefer.”

More grunts and tuts. Saahro swished his tail from side to side in frustration. “The problem is, she’s constantly trying to sleep with everyone and I don’t particularly like it. I find it incredibly distracting. But since she’s coming with you, I decided I could do with a break. I’m gonna head back to Deathven, sit on one of their artificial sand beaches and soak up some nice sun from their Vitamin D Emitter. While also probably getting drunk and hitting it off with some of the other Death Drakes at Deathven.”

Itaviir sighed, knowing he was unlikely to convince Saahro otherwise. He may have been a loyal Decay Lord, but once the Murdragon had made a decision, it was hard to make him change his mind.

“We would like a Drake on the new Thantir team.”

“Then ask Kairos. He’s a Time Drake but that’s fine. You’re going to have two Life Goddesses, why not take a Time Drake as well?”

“You know that Arkidetelos does not-”

“He basically IS one though. Guy made bodies for Kal, most Decay Lords don’t do stuff like that!” Saahro beamed. “But yeah, I’m sure Kairos would be pleased to join you, what with his godly family all being assholes.”

“Kairos is not the same as you.”

“Yeah, of course not. But he’ll do the same job no problem. He’s a nice guy too. He’ll get along with you lot. And he’ll distract Seimeni from the Decaylings for a bit.”

“Hmph…” Itaviir growled. “You are right, Seimeni is being a bit of a problem towards the younglings. And you are potentially correct about Kairos. Since you recommended him, I shall do as you suggest and send him an invitation. After all, he does have a good relation with both the Thantir and our current Decaylings.

Saahro smiled, glad that Itaviir had accepted his decision. “That’s good to hear! I’m sure he’ll accept your invite.”

Itaviir nodded. “Indeed. Now, do you need any assistance in packing?”

“Oh no, I got this. Thanks mate!”

“Thank you too, Saahro. Thank you for your service.”

The Murdragon bowed his head. “Thank you too, Itaviir. Good luck with your new ventures!”