Pool of White Blood

Out of the three Decaylings, Seimeni never thought the small, yellow one would be the one to try and brutally kill her. And not just with standard Decayling abilities either. Arkadin was attacking Seimeni with tooth and claw, violently attempting to rip out Seimeni’s throat.

At first, both Decayling and Decay Lord had simply observed. After all, what Seimeni had done was probably worthy of physical punishment. But as Arkadin’s attack had become far, far more vicious, there was now a genuine struggle to get him off the Life Goddess. Seimeni was thankful that Arkadin was too angry to actually figure out to kill her, and that she had infinite amounts of blood to spill.

After what seemed like an eternity, someone managed to pull Arkadin off Seimeni. Doing so involved grabbing the Decayling by the arms and completely restraining him, before knocking Arkadin out with a clean blow to the head.

“I, uh, see why you codenamed him “Death Bringer” now…” were the first words to be said. Litvir, by far the least experienced and youngest Decayling present, was doing well to hide his shock and surprise. No one else though seemed that upset.

With a tut, Galyn threw the now unconscious Arkadin over his shoulder and carried the Decayling out of the room. But the other two Decay Lords didn’t seem to do much else. Vikalos quickly glanced at both Litvir and Retvik to make sure they weren’t too shocked. Itaviir had pulled out a bag of popcorn for goodness knows what reason.

“Should… should we help her up?” Retvik finally stuttered.

“Do you want to?” Itaviir asked. “After all, she hurt you. And what do you think, Litvir?”

Litvir turned to Retvik, still clearly in shock. “Would you do… that… to Seimeni?”

“I… I am not someone who believes in… physical punishment…”

Seimeni glanced up at the two Decaylings. She knew that Vikalos and Itaviir weren’t going to help her up. Not yet at least. They were quite happy to watch Seimeni suffer some more.

“I mean, I considered punching her…” Litvir admitted. “I did consider harming her. She did harm us. But I feel Arkadin went a little… too far…” The Decayling turned to Itaviir. “She will not die, will she?”

Itaviir almost laughed. “Of course not. She is a Life Goddess. Life Goddesses are far, far tougher than they look.”

“We are literally standing in a pool of her blood though… Her weird, glowing, white blood…” Retvik muttered, stepping backwards. It wasn’t the blood that bothered Retvik, he had seen plenty of it throughout his brief existence. The problem was that the pools of blood seemed to snake towards him, and grass sprouted up in the larger puddles. “What Seimeni did to us was awful. But I think she has… suffered enough.”

“I agree…” Litvir whispered, clearly more traumatized than Retvik was. “Can we… get her out of here, please? And go back to… whatever it is we are supposed to be doing? It is bad enough that that white bitch mind-raped us, seeing Arkadin do that to her just makes me want to forget about all of this.”

Itaviir glanced at Vikalos, who simply sighed, acknowledging Litvir’s request.

“Do you both feel Seimeni has been punished enough?”



“Very well…” Itaviir tutted, snapping his fingers. As he did so, Seimeni disappeared, as did the vast amount of blood. With another snap of his fingers, both he and Vikalos disappeared as well, leaving the two Decaylings alone.

It took a while for either Decayling to say something. Both of them were still unsure about what just happened.

“That was, if you do not mind me saying so, utterly and truly fucked up.”

Retvik nodded in agreement. “Yes, yes it was.”

“Do you want to get some alcohol to get rid of these memories?”

“Yes, yes I do.”