The Zonta's emblem
The emblem of the Miso-Deitic races

Description: The Kronari are tall, slender beings,reaching up to 5m tall, with arms that drag along the ground, tipped with long claws. Their heads are long and narrow, with a single ridged plate running along the top of their heads, and two large fangs. Their hands and feet each have four long talons. Kronari skin is rubbery and elastic, as well as warm to the touch.

Abilities: Kronari are capable of moving their bodies as if they were made of putty. They can extend their limbs up to 7m. The talons on their hands secrete a powerful muscle relaxant, that paralyzes victims. They appear to be immune to intense heat, but hate the cold.

Life Cycle: Little is known about how Kronari are born, but it is documented that young Kronari are raised in pouches created in their parents’ stomachs, with older Kronari clinging on to adult Kronari backs. Apart from growing in size, Kronari do not change appearance as they age. They generally only live for 20 years, but if kept in captivity, can live for as many as 50 years.

Colouration: Most Kronari are black or grey in colour, with glowing eyes in either orange, red or green.

Temperament: Kronari are calm beings who prefer to watch from a distance, only ever becoming aggressive if they or loved ones are in immediate danger.

Habitat: The entire Kronari species originally lived inside a large volcano on an unknown planet, where they thrived off the heat. For unknown reasons, the population was split up and forced to live inside Voidspaces, dark, rocky spaces with little to no light.

Diet: A Kronari’s typical diet is high levels of heat and oxygen, which they absorb via their hands and use it directly as fuel for their bodies, hence their enjoyment of lava. If no high heat source available, they will feed off organic matter, particularly animal organisms.

Culture: There are no traces of Konari culture, but observations suggest that they speak in their own language. Some believe that they had a caring, socialist society and were capable of powerful magic, but their change of habitat forced them to abandon this culture.