Discussing Parts of Immortality

“So, everyvok’s immortal again, huh?” Veeksiar sighed as he stared out of the domed window that made for the roof of the Great Library. “Twice in what, five years? Clearly my lunatic theory that the Dessaron reappearing broke the flow of the universe is true.”

Elkay didn’t say anything as he approached. Instead he simply stood by Veeksiar’s side, also looking out of the window. In the distance, a parade could be seen, celebrating their newfound immortality.

“You seem unsettled, High General,” the Keeper of the Library finally sighed. “Something bothering you?”

“There is always something bothering me,” Elkay tutted, his wings shaking slightly. “Currently though, I am just confused. And I think you are wrong.”

Veeksiar shrugged, expecting that sort of answer. “Convince me otherwise.”

“It is just… randomness. This universe is a very random one, and strange things happen all the time. I believe that these days, now that every Rethan has some sort of easy recording device, as does every other race out there, we just record things better…” Elkay paused, watching the parade turn a corner and slowly fade out of view. “By the Light, us Rethans have only REALLY been civilized since Photeianos came into power.”

Another pause. Elkay was thinking about something else. Veeksiar waited patiently for an answer.

“Also, it is insane to blame four beings for something that is going on across multiple solar systems and possibly the whole galaxy. Maybe even the whole universe.”

“You say that…” Veeksiar smirked. The look on his face was actually slightly scary. “I’ve heard… stories of a yellow and black being…”

“Do not…”

“Don’t what?”

“Do not mention that.”

“Don’t mention the fact that your brother is now a Veth and travels the universe killing tyrants and usurping those who dare mess with the cycle of life and death?” Veeksiar was still smirking. “Oooh I wonder what he makes of this. Don’t suppose he can do his job now, can he? Then again, I assume that sort of knowledge is only shared between myself, you and the Rethianos family…”

“Veeksiar…” The tone of Elkay’s voice dropped. Veeksiar realised he should probably have stopped talking a few seconds prior. While the High General had always been open about discussing most things, it was clear as day that talking about his dead sibling was still too painful for him.

“Sorry, ser. What did you want to discuss?”

Elkay went back to looking out the window. He took a deep breath, then sighed.

“I have… a question for you to work on…” Elkay finally responded. “If things are as they seem, new life can be made but no one seems to die. Our population is only going to increase…” Another sigh. Another pause.

Veeksiar glanced at Elkay, not quite sure where he was going with his trail of thought.

“I should be glad that we are all immortal again. I cannot imagine how many families are standing around their loved ones, thankful for these extra chances…” Elkay explained. “But our society cannot expand indefinitely. At some point, we will begin to run out of space and resources. I want to know when that will be.”

The Keeper tutted. “That might be a long way away. Or it might be in ten years time.”

“Exactly,” the High General replied. “If this immortality really is permanent… We will need to prepare in advance. Make plans. Ration our resources…”

“I doubt it will be permanent, ser,” Veeksiar tried to reassure Elkay.

“You never know though, you never know…”