Space Between Universes 10

“So, you lovelies want to hear about a really early story of mine?”

The array of beautiful, busty, sexy Life Goddesses all giggled as they snuggled up closer to Kairos. The water around them was steaming and bubbling in a calming manner and the air, what little of it there was, smelt of various fresh flowers from a million different worlds. Kairos had been unaware how long he had been having a sauna party with these beautiful beings, but he was bloody well enjoying it.

“Of course, you beautiful little dragon!” one of the Goddesses tickled Kairos under his scaled, scarred chin. “It’s not every day we get a five generation time god in our realms!”

The other Goddesses all giggled in unison. This whole world, a weirdly flat plane several hundred kilometres across and made out of an interlocking collection of saunas, swimming pools, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, was called Pasidir, a rather small oasis located in the endless void that was the space between universes. It made for a base and home for a huge number of young Life Goddesses, beings who had made universes then left them to flower on their own, without interrupting or messing around with their new creations.

Pasidir rarely saw visitors. At least, not non-Life Goddess visitors. Kairos, a strange ‘transversal deity’, was one of the few exceptions. Kairos was one of those unique beings who would survive the death of their own universe and go on to become a deity of their own. Somehow, after surviving his first universe’s destruction, Kairos went on to be a “god of time” in three universes before spending the last universe as a ‘pure god’, creating a whole universe on his own. Sure, that universe didn’t last very long, but the Life Goddesses didn’t need to know that.

“How early we talking, dear?” another Life Goddess smiled, massaging Kairos’s shoulders. A third Life Goddess bought over a tray of fresh fruit and slices of some sort of meat, which she left floating in the air just above the surface of the sauna’s water.

“Oh, very early!” Kairos beamed. “So early in fact, that it was only my second time being a Time God!”

The Life Goddesses all whistled in awe, happy to have someone new to talk to. Most Life Goddesses saw the same things. They would create a universe, create some mini gods to rule over it then watch helplessly as their creations would destroy themselves or get killed by extra-universal beings. This would always get boring after the hundredth or so attempt, so it was refreshing seeing things from this strange ‘whenvern’s eyes.

“Tell us moooore!”

“Oh I will!” Kairos continued to smile. He enjoyed all of this comfort and interest in him, but sometimes these Goddesses did seem a little… overwhelming. “I’ll tell you the best story. How I survived the death of my second universe, the one with a mean old death god in it!”

Again, the Life Goddesses all whistled. Some of them nuzzled up closer to Kairos, getting very touchy. Kairos splashed them with his tail, playfully suggesting that they calm down a little.

“So basically, the second universe I was in, I was the Whenvern, the wonderful God of Time. That’s how I got this sexy dragon body. There were three other gods too. There was the sexy little Yisini, the Serpent of Life, there was my sister Epani who was the Goddess of space and then there was this little death god called Arkadin. There was also our mother, Kinisis, who watched over us but didn’t do much. She was kinda like you lot. I don’t know if she is still around, but I think you’d all like her.”

Some of the Goddesses looked a tad confused, but most of them were enjoying the tale so far.

“Anyway, Arkadin was a death god. I know we are all supposed to hate death gods, but he wasn’t too bad. Sure, he killed everything but at least he was quick and efficient. I spent so long trying to stop him from killing, but that was just what he had to do. Nothing could dissuade him otherwise.

“Everyone else though, they had it in their heads that they needed to kill and imprison and hurt Arkadin. Maybe, if they killed him or hurt him or imprisoned him, he would stop being a death god. Of course, this would only make him angry and sad and make him kill more…”

The Life Goddesses all smiled, looking up longingly at Kairos.

“So I thought of a better idea. I was nice to Arkadin. I spoke to him. I didn’t hurt him. I didn’t try to kill him or anything…”

Suddenly, the Goddesses all gasped.


“That’s insane?”

“But why?”

Kairos shook his head, sighing calmly. “It’s hard to understand, but death gods have emotions too. Arkadin never really wanted to be a death god, he didn’t even LIKE killing things!”

“But what happened in the end?” one of the Goddesses interrupted. “He killed everything, didn’t he?”

Kairos tutted. “He did kill a lot of things, but he didn’t kill everything! Because he believed someone cared just a little bit about them, he spared their life. He spared my life. Because I treated him like an equal.”

The Goddesses all stared blankly at Kairos, as if being nice was suddenly a new revelation. To some of them, being nice to other deities WAS a revelation.

“So…” one of the Goddesses hesitated. “You… weren’t killed… because you were nice to a death god?”

The Whenvern nodded. “Yes, that’s what happened.”

“Wow… that is a miracle…”

Kairos smiled some more, then found himself lost in thought. “I wonder where little Arkadin is now…”

The busty Goddesses all suddenly started grinning and splashing around playfully.

“Ah! Forget about that! Come have fun with us!”

Kairos though didn’t join in. He blinked idly, still lost in his mind. Eventually, he got up, shaking himself off and started walking away.

“Sorry, lovelies. But I got something on my mind. I’ll be back later.”