A Racy Request

“Do you ever get bored, Yisini?”

The Allbirther rolled her eyes at Kenon’s question. She was bored right now, clearing up the remains of a small outbreak in a suburban Temthan town. She had been bored a lot lately, having been busy dealing with both the life and death sides of reality and not really having anyone to talk to. Epani was too busy being the universe, Kairos was too busy building walls around the universe and Yisini had no idea where her little brother was these days.

“Of course I do. Really, boredom is kinda what got us here in the first place, in a weird roundabout way.”

Kenon pondered Yisini’s words briefly. In a way, she was right. Kenon’s boredom, stemming from not having his own race and wanting to do something about it had led up to this situation. Not that Kenon would actually admit that out loud.

“Fair enough…” Kenon finally responded. “I shall follow that question up with a second, loosely related one: are you still in the business of creating customized species?”

Yisini stopped what she was doing and eyed Kenon suspiciously. “Why are you suddenly interested in new races?”

“I would like a yes or no answer please, before I start trying to make something on my own.”

“You’re not allowed to make races on your own or do anything that high up the godliness ladder!” Yisini tutted. “It’s written in the contract between you and us that allows you to stay here peacefully.”

“That is why I wanted to ask you about the creation of new races…” Kenon shrugged. “I would like to commission a new race from you.”

Yisini tutted, still eyeing Kenon, this time with caution. “Why though? Are you, dare I say it, bored with your Rethavok already?”

“No, not at all. The Rethavok are a marvellous race, genuinely great. But they are two things: unadventurous and not completely under my control. They do not envision the great Union of All that I do, and are content to be soldiers and guardians. Noble, yes, but not what I want.”

“So you want me to make you a race that is blindly loyal to you? I’m not doing that.”

“Please do not put words in my mouth, Yisini…” Kenon grunted. “While that would be nice, yes, I understand that you would be uncomfortable with such a task. Instead, I am wondering if it is possible to create an amalgam being. One with the strength and nobility of the Rethavok, but more open to my desires of creating a stronger Union. But also, my idea is fuelled by curiosity. What would this race even be like?”

With a sigh, Yisini went back to work, not wanting to consider Kenon’s request at all. “No. I won’t do that for you.”

“Why not?”

Yisini sighed some more, turning to Kenon. “Amalgam races never work right.”

“How comes?”

“I’ve already tried it a couple of times. Doesn’t work.”

“How so?”

“I tried to make the Thraki as a stopgap between the more monstrous Temthans and the more civilized ones. They buggered off to live on their own. I tried to make various Panvok races to live alongside the Vohra, the Vohra just ignored them. The Ksithans were my last attempt. The Temthans hated them and tried to drive the Ksithans to extinction. It doesn’t work.”

Kenon frowned. “I suppose… Would it be possible to at least see a mock-up of an amalgam race?”

“No!” Yisini snapped. “I am not making anything for you. You need to work out your problems on your own and not come running to us all the time!”

The Void Lord shrugged, backing away and giving Yisini some space. “Very well. Thank you for the talk…”

“You’re welcome…” Yisini tutted as she went back to work.