Recovery Night

“You should be resting.”

Veeyel shuffled across the room towards the front door, where his partner had just entered. Kayel’s bright yellow armour is what always reminded Veeyel of his beloved friend, but even with his jumbled memories, Veeyel could tell that Kayel was not doing well. His armour was faded and his skin was scarred.

“I don’t want to rest. I’ve been resting all day! Up until ten minutes ago!” Veeyel shirped, smiling proudly. “Plus, I made dinner! You’ve not been eating dinner, I know it!”

Kayel sighed as he locked the door behind him. He didn’t really need to lock the door, as there were five guards stationed outside and another ten stationed around the property, but Kayel liked the comforting sound of keys in locks. Veeyel stumbled closer, taking the heavy rucksack off Kayel’s back and gently placing it on the floor.

“I’m worried about you, Kayel.”

“I know…” Kayel admitted, looking for somewhere to sit down.

Veeyel’s smile returned as he led Kayel over to the tiny dining table, where he had laid out dinner. It was nothing fancy, the same old rehydrated stew that everyone was eating lately. But Veeyel had done a nice job laying it all out nicely, and spicing up the stew with some mashed potatoes, all laid out in a big heart shape.

“I know, you know, everyone knows!” Veeyel continued to chirp. “But what are you doing about it, silly?”

“I’m trying my best.”

Veeyel shrugged. “I know. I’m just playing. But I wanted to help you relax this evening!”

With more smiles, Veeyel hobbled off, only to swiftly reappear with a small basket. He plopped the basket on the table next to Kayel and opened it up, showing off what was inside.

“Veeyel, you know…”

“Shush, let me think and try and remember…” Veeyel interrupted playfully. He was struggling to remember where he had put something, but after a shrug, he gave up and went back to the basket. “So I managed to go shopping today! Just briefly! Put my pretty pennies together and bought some nice things!”

“Like what?” Kayel humoured his partner as he shovelled a spoonful of mash into his mouth. To Kayel’s surprise, Veeyel had actually managed to spice things up. He could taste cloves and cinnamon in with the mash, and there was a slight spicy paprika heat in with the stew itself.

“OIL!” Veeyel exclaimed, awkwardly bouncing in excitement. “I got massage oil and some nice-smelling candles! And even those nice scented burning stick things…”

“You mean incense.”

“Yeah, that. I’m gonna run you a nice, warm bath and you’re going to relax, and then I’m gonna give you a back massage! And a head massage. And an all-over massage. Basically I am going to give you all the massages. I also managed to snag some chocolate-scented rubbers, your favourite!”

Kayel couldn’t help but smile at Veeyel’s pure joy, but his smile swiftly faded.

“I know you mean well, my love. But this is all… temporary.”

“Yeah, I know…” Veeyel tutted. “Everything sucks right now, it really does. We’re all basically screwed and being held hostage and you’re stressed to the point that you’re clawing yourself to relocate the pain. But at the very least I can give you one good night in a long string of bad nights, right?”

Kayel’s smile returned as he pulled Veeyel close, hugging him tightly.

“I love you, Veeyel. More than anything.”

“I love you too, Kayel. Even if I forget your name sometimes…”