New Chance with a New Life God

Ever since the one who had killed his universe had returned safely, the deities of this universe had both left Thassalin alone and treated him a bit more nicely. The monstrous, antlered one had provided him with a little place he could call home. A small house at the top of a very dark mountain, with impenetrable fog all around. He wasn’t sure exactly where this place was but it was nice and Thassalin liked it.

The only problem was that he was lonely. This was the first time he had been… alone. With not even his mother’s voice to guide him.

Thankfully, something appeared to break the loneliness. The purple, serpentine being that had threatened to murder him was watching from behind a bush.

“What are you doing?” Thassalin asked.

“Oh, nothing. Pretend I’m not here!”


The creature sighed then slithered out of the bush, sitting politely in front of Thassalin.

“Hi, I’m Yisini, I’m the Goddess of Life, the Allbirther and the Saint of Love, Pleasure and Sex. I have lots of titles but those are my favourite.”

“Hello…” Thassalin hesitated. “I am… Thassalin… Former… deity of time and space, and for a while, death…”

“So you’re, like, an old god. From another universe?” Yisini was smiling. It made Thassalin feel slightly awkward. “That’s so cool. I’ve never left this place.”

“Why are you being courteous to me?” Thassalin quickly changed the subject. Not long ago, this serpent being had tried to murder him, blaming him for what he assumed was her best friend’s disappearance.

Yisini continued to smile. “Oh, nothing.”

“Not long ago…”

“Yeah well the other day, I was scared I wouldn’t see my brother again, but now he’s back. So you’re all forgiven. Sorry for being angry. But that’s not why I’m here!” Yisini curled up then unfurled herself. Thassalin wasn’t sure what she was really doing. She somewhat reminded him of his own sister, but she was… long gone.

“Why are you here?”

“Well…” Yisini dragged that word on for a long time. “Well, Arky said that you’re basically not doing well. You’re kinda stuck here and you will probably die here. Since you’re not a god any more. He said maybe about a couple of hundred thousand years? A few thousand if you’re really unlucky…”

Thassalin sighed. “I am well aware of my own mortality.”

“Yeah but I’d like to ask you if you’d like to spend that time with me. Making nice things.”

Thassalin shook his head in confusion. Was this deity… offering him something?

Yisini slithered over, curling around Thassalin’s legs and up his body.

“Excuse my bluntness. But I think you understand bluntness better. Basically I want to bring you to my home and have you as a guardian of my lands and as a friend. You see, I am the Goddess of Life, and my entire existence, I have been trying to create new and exotic things. But after a while, that doesn’t work very well. You though, you are new and exotic. So I want to help you to help me.”

“How so?” Thassalin asked. “This is not a trick, is it?”

“No!” Yisini grinned. “This is genuine! Listen, I’m really sorry about your universe, but you got like, five thousand years left. Maybe ten. Maybe a hundred. I want to make the most out of that time. You don’t want to spend this time alone, stuck in a rut and mourning, do you?”

“Not really. But what of the other gods? What of Arkadin?”

“He’s fine with it and the others don’t care. Everyone just wants to be happy. I just want to make everyone happy. And I’d like to make you happy too.”

Yisini waved her hand, summoning a pretty purple portal. Through it was a beautiful, flowering jungle. Just the sort of thing Thassalin’s poor sister used to create.

“Come on!”

Thassalin smiled, then followed Yisini through the portal. She may have been an insane little deity, but at least she was a nice, caring one.