A Job for a Decayling

“Good day, Flamebearer.” It was a rare feeling for Retvik to seem so small and insignificant. The chair and desk he was sitting at were perfectly normal in size. The desk and chair in front of him were insanely huge. To fit a being that was at least triple Retvik’s size. “Uh… good day, ser…” … Read more A Job for a Decayling

Mourning in the Void

Retvik sighed as he sat on the small, metal bench, staring off into the void. There was nothing out there, apart from the occasional glimmer, and a glowing spot in the distance. He wasn’t focused on anything, he was just blindly looking outwards, trying to clear his thoughts and work out what was going on. … Read more Mourning in the Void

Disorientating Orientation

Retvik grunted as he rolled over, not really wanting to wake up. For the first time in ages, he was genuinely feeling comfortable and well rested. He was in a very soft, warm bed that was plenty big enough for his muscular body, and he could smell nice food nearby. Sure, he’d had a nightmare … Read more Disorientating Orientation