Periuniversal Void 6

“TK, are you there?” Vikalos’s heavy fist slammed on the entrance to the small Deathven Vessel. He had been waiting patiently for too long now, waiting for the young captain to tell him that his friend was dead. “TK, I need answers!” A familiar orange crystalline Decay-Lord appeared in the doorway. He had a rather … Read morePeriuniversal Void 6

Periuniversal Void 5

TK’s ship seemed very nice, especially compared to the other ships Arkay had been on. Everything was clean and tidy and very well lit, with automatic doors and cute little robots that continuously cleaned the floor. The strange thing though was the lack of rooms. Actual rooms that weren’t just for storage. There was clearly … Read morePeriuniversal Void 5

Periuniversal Void 3

Things had been oddly quiet on the Shimmer’s Plight. It seemed as if everyone was somewhat ignoring Arkay’s presence. They weren’t completely ignoring him or anything. Thaed had been happy to see Arkay at first and Ostos seemed somewhat glad to see someone else alive. Apart from the odd nod of acknowledgement from Saahro or … Read morePeriuniversal Void 3

Space Between Universes 19

The cell door slid closed, finally separating Arkay from the armed guards that had been leading him around this massive facility. In front of him was Arkay’s new home, what was essentially a hermetically sealed studio apartment. There was a grand total of one window, which looked out into the hallway which Arkay had just … Read moreSpace Between Universes 19

Space Between Universes 18

“Your fate has been decided.” Arkay was struggling to comprehend how all of this had happened. As soon as he had arrived in Deathven alongside Vikalos, everything had been a strange rush. Rather than getting a tour of the place, Arkay had been marched from strange location to strange location, accompanied by black-robed beings with … Read moreSpace Between Universes 18

Space Between Universes 17

Vikalos sighed as he activated the holo-communicator in the centre of his office. He kneeled down on the raised circle on the ground, muttered a few words, then waited. After a few awkwardly silent moments, a holographic 2d image appeared in front of Vikalos, towering over him. “Ah, Lord Vikalos, you saw my message.” “I … Read moreSpace Between Universes 17

Space Between Universes 16

“You know there is more to existence than toasted cheese sandwiches, right?” Ostos stood in the kitchen doorway, his skeletal centaur rear end partially blocking the main hallway behind him. “There’s not much else to existence, really…” Arkay muttered. This was the first time Ostos had seen the Decayling since the incident with the vessel … Read moreSpace Between Universes 16

Space Between Universes 12

Someone screamed. They screamed out in pain. Then everything went silent. Everything was dark, the air felt damp and heavy and the floor… the floor was moving. Black, glutinous tendrils covering the ground, slithering around, reaching, feeling, claiming. Another sound. A cry for help. The whole vessel was silent again. Apart from the tendrils. They … Read moreSpace Between Universes 12