Back Home From A Date

Timik waved goodbye to the busty female Temthan. He had wanted to walk her home himself, but she was adamant that she only lived around the corner and that she wasn’t supposed to be out anyway, so people seeing her returning home with a date would have been too obvious. This had annoyed Timik more than he’d liked, but she seemed like a big, strong girl who didn’t need protecting, and the rest of the evening had been pleasant enough.

“Did you have fun?” a small voice squeaked from the kitchen as Timik opened the door and headed inside. “Seems like you did.”

“Yeah, was a super nice date. Couldn’t help but think I knew her from somewhere though.”

The voice came from a little Skyavok, cooking up some eggs, bacon and mushrooms in a frying pan that was clearly too big for the Skyan to hold. Timik realised it was for the best that he hadn’t invited his date to come in, since really he was staying at Kayen’s place lately. Some asshole had threatened to set Timik’s house on fire after it became common knowledge that Timik wasn’t avidly religious, so Kayen had offered to let him use the spare bedroom.

“I didn’t even see what she looked like!” Kayen beamed, pouring the contents of the frying pan on a plate and then covering everything in a creamy sauce. “Was she nice?”

Timik threw himself onto what should have been a sofa but was instead a pile of beanbags and cushions. He never understood why Skyavok had normal kitchens and bathrooms but insisted on having a living area with no chairs or sofas in it. “Yeah, she was amazing.”

“Did you score?”


Kayen shrugged as he fished some cutlery out of a draw, then tucked into his meal, leaning on the kitchen counter. “You normally tell me when you score. You didn’t tell me. So I thought I’d ask.”

“Well, I didn’t score. Most chicks want to instantly fuck me so it was pretty refreshing meeting someone who didn’t want to have sex instantly. I think she was having the same thing I was, like we both knew each other from somewhere, like a past life or something?”

The Skyavok tutted. “You know there’s no such thing as past lives.”

“Just because you Skyans believe that crap…”

“The Thantophor, the god of death, told us so, in person.”

Timik grunted, then climbed off the mass of cushions and made his way back to the kitchen to pour himself a drink. On the way, he swiped a piece of bacon off Kayel’s plate, but Kayel didn’t seem too bothered about it.

“So what was this Temthan’s name? You haven’t really mentioned anything about her apart from the fact she didn’t want to have sex with you.”

“Well, she did, but we both wanted to get to know each other first. She said she’d sneaked out and that she wasn’t supposed to be going on dates. Wouldn’t say why though.”

Kayen suddenly stood up straight, eyes wide open. “W-what did she look like?”


“This Temthan.”

“Black with lilac scales. Why?”

“Was her name Sini?”

Timik paused. “How did you know? You don’t know anything about Temthans. You don’t even know any Temthans apart from me.”

Kayen didn’t respond at first, trying to work out how to word his next few sentences. “You… you already knew her because you’ve already met. Sini is Arkay’s sister.”

“Arkay is a Skyavok.”

“Arkay is the god of death. Sini is his sister.”

Timik fell silent, staring blankly at Kayen. After a moment of thought, he exploded into a long stream of disbelief. “There’s no fucking way. The last time I met the Allbirther, she tried to turn me into a girl and fill me full of kids! And then she kidnapped us all and trapped us in a fortress made of flesh and tried to milk me! And then after that she tried to convince her mum to make us into like death gods or something! Sini was nice and neat and proper and nothing like that!”

Kayen shrugged. “I’ve been chatting with Arkay all day. I’m telling you, Sini is Yisini. Except in a mortal form.”



“Then I’m going to find a way to fuck her.”

“What?” Kayen blinked.

“I’m going to fuck her.”


Timik grinned, flexing his muscles. “Well, she’s fucked me multiple times. I think it’s time I fucked her back!”

Kayen stopped staring, then went back to his dinner. “That’s stupid and dangerous, Timik, but good luck, I guess…”