Post-Mortal Wreckage

“Wow, your siblings are fucking assholes…” Phovos muttered as she surveyed the ruins of the Thirteenth Night Arena. Half of this forested, sheltered arena was fine, if a bit roughed up. The other half had been completely flattened, as if someone had dropped a massive cartoon-like weight on it. “Yeah, I’m sorry…” The Thantophor hovered … Read more Post-Mortal Wreckage

Mortal Moulds

“Kinisis?” Kenon asked as he approached the massive, crystal tower on which the Allmaker was perched. “Kinisis, may I have a word?” “What do you need, dear?” Kinisis hadn’t moved. She was staring off into the darkness, her eyes fixed on a single point. “I was hoping you would allow me to borrow Arkadin briefly. … Read more Mortal Moulds

Messy Mess

Tenuk grunted as he swept dirt out of the back door. He wasn’t grunting because he was cleaning, Tenuk actually somewhat enjoyed cleaning and found it relaxing. No, he was annoyed because he was still sharing a house with one normal vok and three complete and utter retards, two of which had made a massive … Read more Messy Mess

Knocked Out Briefly

“Was he… was he dead?” “I don’t… I don’t know…” “Did I accidentally kill him?” “No, you just… well I think you just knocked him out…” Arkay sputtered back to life, his head throbbing and his side hurting. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened, aside from seeing Ebania running up to the house and … Read more Knocked Out Briefly

Bruised Wings

“Why do you always return home looking like you were dragged through multiple bushes?” Sini asked as the front door blew open a tattered Thraki wandered inside. “Generally because I have been dragged through multiple bushes, as well as other things. Like trees and stuff…” Voltiidro grunted, sitting down awkwardly on a chair that was … Read more Bruised Wings

Haunted Words

“I didn’t even know your name.” The small, stone marker was dirtier than most. A small metal plate had been bolted to the front, but the name written on it was scuffed up, barely legible. Flowers had been placed somewhat recently, but they had wilted in the autumn sun, a lack of rain stopping them … Read more Haunted Words

Sudden Break

Someone was knocking very rudely on the door and this was beginning to annoy Voltiidro. He was busy trying to navigate the kitchen without knocking anything over, so him getting to the door in time to open it was almost impossible. Thankfully, someone else had heard the knocking and would answer the door for Voltiidro. … Read more Sudden Break

Post-Midnight Slime

“ARKAYARKAYARKAYARKAY!” Sini leaped into the room, making the door frame wobble, then jumped into the lone bed, squishing the poor soul who had been occupying it. “Fffhhhphhhggg-Get off me!” a voice gasped from underneath the blanket. “Sini, what the fuck is going on?” Arkay eventually managed to pull himself out from underneath Sini, only to … Read more Post-Midnight Slime

Milkshake Chat

“You sure it’s alright to leave Tenuk with them for a few hours?” Arkay asked as four chocolate milkshakes arrived at the table. One for him, one for Kayen and two for Psiksi, because Psiksi had stomach ache and was under the impression that only sweet, milky goodness could fix the problem. The three Skyavok … Read more Milkshake Chat

Post-Fight Silliness

“THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!” Ebania gasped for breath, utterly exhausted from both her fighting and her excitement. “I want to do it again!” “Like, right now?” Arkay asked, watching as Ebania bounced about, swinging her large scythe back and forth. “Or tomorrow or what?” “Right now! Or tomorrow! I want more! I can totally … Read more Post-Fight Silliness