Sudden Break

Someone was knocking very rudely on the door and this was beginning to annoy Voltiidro. He was busy trying to navigate the kitchen without knocking anything over, so him getting to the door in time to open it was almost impossible. Thankfully, someone else had heard the knocking and would answer the door for Voltiidro.

“Hi, is Sini here?”

“She’s upstairs, in bed!” Voltiidro shouted over his shoulder, not caring what was going on.

The being who had answered the door tutted to themselves. Voltiidro wasn’t sure whether it was Arkay, the little Skyavok, or Ebania, the whale-like Falena. He still didn’t actually know who had been doing the knocking, and frankly he didn’t care much.

“Hi, Timik…” That voice belonged to Arkay. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I didn’t know she lived with you, Kyr Arkay. Can I speak to her? She just skedaddled last night and I’m kinda annoyed about it.”

Voltiidro didn’t recognise this other voice. He finished what he was doing – attempting to fry some eggs – and turned around, being careful not to knock the frying pan off the counter, getting a good, long look at this “Timik” being. They were a Temthan, a brutish, masculine one with purple and cream scales. Quite an impressive specimen for something as simple as a Temthan.

Arkay didn’t immediately answer Timik’s question. Instead, he sighed and let Timik in, leading him to the dining table and offering him a seat.

“Is something wrong?” Timik asked.

“Oh no. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing except the fact that Sini came in, stopped me from sleeping then loudly claimed she had sex without protection…” Arkay grunted, pouring two glasses and a large bowl of water for Voltiidro. He handed Timik a drink then sat down next to him, pushing the bowl across the table for Voltiidro to drink from.

Timik blinked, wondering if he had made a mistake coming here. “But I did use protection. I always do because I don’t want kids… I don’t even really like Sini that much.”

“Why not?” Arkay looked up from his glass of water. “I mean… sorry, that came out wrong… I totally get why one wouldn’t like her, I just kinda thought you two liked each other.”

A smile blossomed on Timik’s face. Voltiidro watched as Timik’s eyes scanned the room, looking upstairs for Sini. After a moment of awkward silence, Sini appeared from her bedroom and awkwardly made her way downstairs, sitting down opposite Timik.

“You… you don’t like me?” Sini’s voice cracked.

Timik’s smile only grew wider. “Not really. You don’t really care about my emotions, only your own. I actually came here to tell you, face to face, that I don’t want to see you any more.”

“You… uh…” Sini lost the ability to speak. Her mouth opened and closed, but no words came out. Voltiidro was equally amazed, bits of half-eaten egg dripping from his gob. Arkay’s expression was different, a combination of amazement and wonder.

“H-how dare you… dump my sister…” Voltiidro finally managed to stutter.

“Ew, your brother is a Thraki?” Timik grinned as he stood up. “Probably a good thing I’m getting the heck outta here! I mean, that’s some fucked up heritage! But yeah, sorry, Sini, but we’re through.”

“But why?” Sini somehow managed to form a couple of words.

“Because you’re a bitch, Yisini,” Timik explained. “You don’t do anything unless it benefits you. And I’m not into chicks like that. Anyway, I got stuff to do, thanks for the glass of water!”

Timik tucked away the chair then headed to the front door, still grinning. Arkay followed, making sure that neither Sini not Voltiidro could chase after him. The door slammed shut, leaving nothing but an awkward silence.

“THAT ASSHOLE!” Sini suddenly started wailing, spluttering through tears and snot. “HOW… HOW DARE HE?”

“Now now!” Arkay immediately stepped in to defuse the situation. “Maybe he’s right, Sini. Maybe you need to learn from this.”

Sini leaped up from the table, spilling drinks everywhere and knocking her chair over. She stampeded up stairs, the words “FUCK YOU!” echoing behind her. Even with her bedroom door slammed shut, Sini’s wailing could still be faintly heard.

Voltiidro closed his eyes and hissed, no longer interested in his breakfast. “That was… beyond awkward…”