A Quick Introduction to Prosopeutic Universes

There are an infinite number of universes out there and an infinite number of ways to categorize them. But one type of universe that stands out is the Prosopeutic Universe. A Prosopeutic Universe tends to have certain characteristics that make said universe far more lively and mobile than other types of universe.

The main trait of a Prosopeutic Universe is its Sentient Singularity. All Prosopeutic Universes have some sort of conscious, divine spark that spawns them and ensures their continued existence. These universes have a central brain or engine, and the removal of this central piece will cause the universe to collapse or otherwise cease to exist. What the Sentient Singularity does while the universe exists depends from universe to universe, many will be involved in the long term running and maintaining of the existences they create. Sentient Singularities and any lower forms they create are called Personifications.

Just like normal universes, a Prosopeutic Universe will have space and time functions, as well as fundamental forces to keep the universe together

Prosopeutic Universes tend to attract external-universal beings such as Corruptions and Anti-Space Deita (often called Voidborns). Deita will often try to work alongside the Sentient Singularity of these universes, offering protection and fending off competition in exchange for being allowed to live inside their Prosopeutic Universe of choice. Many Anti-Space Deita will tend to leave after sentient live evolves, but a few will remain and will later end up being worshipped as deities within their new homes.

As running a universe is generally a very difficult thing to do, Prosopeutic Universes will often create personifications of key universe-building parts, called Fundamental Avatars. These Avatars represent a specific part of the universe in question, such as Space or Time, one of the universe’s fundamental forces such as Gravity, Electromagnetism or a fundamental law such as Entropy or the Speed of Light. Although Fundamental Avatars take a huge amount of pressure off a Sentient Singularity, they also become vital parts of their universes, and the destruction of one can cause huge damage or even death to both a Sentient Singularity and their universe in general.

Common Fundamental Avatars include personifications of Space, Time, Entropy, Gravity and Energy.

Even with Fundamental Avatars, the majority of Sentient Singularities will create smaller Avatars, known as Standard Deities.

Standard Deities can be incredibly varied, and will deal with one single duty, but will fulfil that duty to their maximum potential. Their jobs are specialized and generally much closer in understanding to mortal life. Standard Deities are by far the most likely beings to be worshipped as gods, and pride themselves on their work. Their worship by mortal beings is often pushed by both Fundamental Avatars and Singularities, to act as a smoke screen to hide a Singularity’s presence. Due to the large number of tasks a Standard Deity might perform, they may create variations of themselves to cover different tasks, or create copies of themselves to match the cultures of sentient beings that worship them.

Common Standard Deities generally include gods for the creation of stars, planets and moons, gods of life and mortal death, elemental forms (such as light, darkness and fire), and abstract forms such as love, hate, good and evil.

Unlike their higher beings, Standard Deities can be damaged or killed without causing any destruction to a universe or its Singularity. A Fundamental Avatar will continue a deceased Standard Deity’s duties until a replacement is made.

All Personifications, regardless of scale, tend do do their duties automatically or subconsciously, with little outside assistance or even little acknowledgement of what they do. A Personification enables a universe to more quickly fix and counter issues that can pop up unexpectedly, stopping universe-damaging disasters before they have a chance to even form.

While Personifications have many benefits, mainly in the sharing of universal duties and maintaining the general management of the universe, Personifications may be susceptible to corruption, both from other Personifications and from external forces such as Anti-Space Deita and Corruptions.

When building your new universe, it is important to consider just how many gradients of power you desire, and how much time and effort you want to spend maintaining your universe. At the end of the day, you must consider whether you prefer macro-management of many duties at once, or prefer to delegate and micro-manage the universe you have created.